Thursday, September 1, 2011


As you've probably noticed, I haven't been running lately.  Or doing much of anything.  I think my body needs a well deserved break so I'm listening.  I've run a few times but nothing blog worthy.  I did manage to take this gorgeous picture while running around Lake Waban  with my husband last week...
 And we finished our run with a 400 sprint around the track in 79 seconds.  Not too bad, but I would like to get back into the 60s at some point....
Since I feel like I need to take a running/working out hiatus, I thought I would link to my favorite running posts in the blog world in the past couple months.  Just because I'm taking a break doesn't mean there hasn't been some amazing posts about the joy/love/excitement/hardships of our amazing sport.  So tag along with me and READ these inspiring posts!

  1. Emily's IRONMAN Report.  I know it's over a month old but it is single-handedly the best race report I have ever read.  READ IT.
  2. Lauren's post on When Running SUCKS. LB is one of my favorite writers.  She is also the running blogger I look up to the most.  So if she can admit that well...yes... sometimes running does suck then I feel like I'm not alone.  Her tips in this post are invaluable and you should all read it!
  3. Dorothy's post on WANTS vs. Running.  I want to get the feeling Dorothy gets while running and I know I will in the future, but I need a break right now.  Dorothy is an amazing mother who in this post pushes her three children while running a 6:05 mile.  Amazing?  I think so.
  4. Theodora's post on breaking 2 hours in the Freeport Half Marathon.  How inspiring is this?
  5. Angry Runner's post on Blogger Image Macro Pictures.  Alright I know this really isn't about running, but it is WICKED funny and I loved it!  It may be a bit mean, but it's definitely my kind of humor.
  6. Susan's I Wonder Post.  Its amazing how the brain wonders while running.  I love hearing Susan's thoughts.  This post rocked!
  7. Kara Goucher's "Never Give Up" post.  Kara recently competed in the 10K at the World Championships in South Korea.  And unfortunately, it wasn't her race and she ended up getting lapped.  But she didn't give up and this post is so inspiring.
  8. Ali's post on "When did Running take over my life."  I love this post because it bring me back to when I first fell in love with the sport...
  9. Becky's post on the Fall Decision.  This is the post Becky tells you why she is deferring her MCM number to next year.  This is the post where she writes my favorite quote of all time.  "Running makes me a runner, marathons do not."
  10. And last but not least, if you love track as much as I do, watch Universal Sports coverage of the World Championships.  I've been taping the coverage everyday and I love watching it every night.  Track and sprints will always be my favorite event.  I think the track is such a special place and I love watching these athletes compete at such a high level!
If you've read or written amazing and inspiring running posts, link them below!  I need the motivation!


  1. I can't wait to read some of these posts! I don't know if any of mine are particularly inspiring, but I liked this one:

    79 seconds!!! That is amazing. It takes me at least 90+ haha - I think...

  2. Thank you for linking to my post!! I'm honored that you think I'm awesome because sometimes I think running sucks! ;) I love ALL the posts you linked to, actually. And I love how easy it is to find motivation by looking at other blogs. One reason why I love blogging so very much.

    I hope you enjoy your little break from running, and give your body the rest that it needs.

  3. I NEED to check out Lake Waban. That is gorgeous. Clearly I don't write about it, but I ran up until spring 2010 when I developed a knee injury. I ignored it for way too long and the inability to run brought me immense frustration. I FINALLY started physical therapy just yesterday to correct it. I am so determined and so excited to start running again.

  4. Definitely gotta listen to what your body tells you. Have a lovely break!!!

  5. I'm so glad to hear you're listening to your body :) I must admit, not having running control my life felt weird at first but now I'm enjoying the break!

  6. I'm really glad you are listening. Not having a strong desire to get out there and run is just as important of a reason to take a break as an injury is. You will absolutely know when it's the right time for you to get back into it and no need to rush it and burn out. Usually in the fall when the temps start to drop I get even more crazy urges to run than in the summer...something about the season just makes running so appealing! Maybe we can find a good late October or November race to do :)
    I've read all of these running posts and all are wonderful!

  7. Enjoy your rest, and I'll continue to sit back and enjoy the food you show.

    Post that needs reading... My latest that introduces a new girl I'm coaching.

  8. Whenever I'm lacking motivation, reading other's blog posts always help, but I think what else helps is reading your own posts from past races - try that! And I hope you're back into your running groove soon :)

  9. so jealous of you running 79 second 400s!! i dont think i can beat 1:30! looking forward to reading the links you posted!

  10. Amen! I just took a week completely off... was just what i needed. It'll be a little slow coming back I'm sure, but I'm actually looking forward to runs these days :)