Sunday, March 4, 2012

Restaurant Review: Tomasso Trattoria & Enoteca

First off, I apologize for my rant on my last post.  Dave thinks I scared away some of my readers so I apologize for being very insensitive, but sometimes a girls got to vent!!!

Last night Dave and I had plans to go into Boston to celebrate my best friend Courtney's 30th birthday.  But before that, I suggested trying out Tomasso on Rt. 9 in Southboro, a restaurant we have passed a thousand times before.
We got there at about 6:45 and the place was already really crowded.  We were told that without reservations, the only seats available were either at the bar or at the kitchen window.  A chance to view the chefs cook while enjoying a tasty meal?  I was all about it!

Located east bound on Route 9 in Southboro, Tomasso offers Italian cuisine with a seasonal menu that features sustainable and humanely raised ingredients from local farms and fishermen.  Our waiter greeted us quickly and told us about the restaurant.  I was very impressed by the long list of farms and fisherman that the chef uses around the New England area.  I was also impressed by the dates on the menu.  The menu changes weekly based on what's in season and what's available.
We were pretty hungry so we quickly ordered the Olives and the Insalata Verde, which was made literally right in front of us.
 A simple salad with delicious flavors.  The lemony vinaigrette was a perfect pair  with the pecorino cheese, pickled onions and peppery arugula.  It was a great first dish! Dave and I also enjoyed the olives.  I'm not usually in love with olives, but these were so fresh and had tons of flavor with various spices.

While we ate, we enjoyed watching the chefs in the kitchen.  They were very fast and efficient!
For dinner, I decided to get a half order of the gnocchi, a dish on their primi menu.  Primi, or first courses, are fresh pastas that the chefs make daily.  They usually act as a prelude to the main course, but I wanted something small and not too filling so it was perfect for my main meal. 
This was such a fantastic pairing!  Bitter radicchio mixed with speck (a type of prosciutto) with rich gnocchi over a creamy parmesan sauce.  I loved it and ate every last bite!

Dave ordered a special of the evening. Pulled lamb over a creamy chickpea polenta with spicy peppers.
 I think he loved it because after one bite from me, I blinked and the dish was gone! Mixing polenta and chickpea was really interesting.

I really wanted dessert to complete the meal but we were in a huge rush to get into the city and the place was really crowded so I knew it would take awhile.  The only small complaint I have about this place was the service.  It's definitely a place you go to when you have time to leisurely eat, not a place to go to when you have plans after.  Which is totally fine and something I will definitely plan for in the future.  All in all, it was a delicious restaurant with fresh, local ingredients that are balanced so well.  I really can't wait to go back (with more time!) I highly recommend it!

 After dinner we headed into Legals Harborside for drinks (ahem Shirley Temples for me) to celebrate my best friends 30th!  I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant and everyone was super impressed I was out and stayed out so late.  (We didn't get home until 12:30am!)  But I honestly feel pretty great and I had a ton of fun last night. And since I haven't posted a photo on this blog in a long time, here are some bump photos of BFF Courtney and me!


  1. I had heard good things about Tomasso, but I had no idea they sourced local ingredients. Great to know!

  2. That is awesome that they use local. You know I'm all about that!!! And amen to everything you said in your last post...the wrong thing to say, the damn pins and babies. The same photos over and over. GAH!

  3. The gnocchi with speck looks ridiculously good and you look adorable!

  4. We've passed by that place a million times too and I've heard good things but it was cool to see food pictures and your opinions. I definitely want to go now and have a leisurely meal :)