Saturday, July 7, 2012

Quick Fix Meals (QFM): Mediterranean Chicken Salad Sandwich

Ever since I started this blog, my close friends have asked me to write posts about healthy, quick-fix dinners with a short ingredient list.  I've wanted to create a series like this for a long time but never got around to it.  Mainly because before I had a baby, I didn't care about how long it took to get dinner on the table or how many ingredients I used.  Oh did I mention a baby? Does that mean I can post a baby photo or two? Okay - here is my gorgeous little man!

 Oops, where was I?  Right, Now I do care because I have a very limited time to get dinner together and I know a series about Quick Fix Meals will come in handy for me, and hopefully you too.

I've made no secret about my distaste for mayonnaise and most white creamy condiments.  So chicken salad is almost always out of the question for me.  But this week I decided to be creative with leftovers and the result tasted so good, I decided I had to blog about it.  You know it's good when your husband turns to you after bite one and says "This is a keeper."  I can see this being a regular part of our lunch time rotation.

One of my favorite things in the world is turning leftovers into something unexpected and delicious. On July 4th we had a barbecue party and I made kabobs.  We had some grilled chicken and grilled red onion leftover from the kabobs so I chopped both of those up and put in a bowl. Then I mixed it with two of the best ingredients in the world...
Both of these were impulse buys when I was at the grocery store.  But for 2 for $5 how can you go wrong?  I served about half of this for appetizers at the party so I had a ton leftover.  I added 2 big tablespoons of hummus and about a cup of the taboule to the chicken mixture, microwaved it for about thirty seconds, mixed it together and served it on whole wheat bulky rolls.  In under 5 minutes dinner was served. Microwaving the mixture made the hummus creamier and kept the whole thing together.

Served with some Pretzel Crisps, this was a simple meal to put together.  A healthier, tastier chicken salad done in 5 minutes flat.  Can't beat that.

Mediterranean Chicken Salad Sandwiches
1 large chicken breast grilled and cut into small chunks (leftover from kabobs)
1/2 red onion, grilled and diced ((leftover from kabobs)
2 large tablespoons of hummus
1 cup of already prepared taboule
Bulky Rolls
Provolone Cheese (if desired)
Mix chicken, onion, hummus and taboule together and microwave for 30 seconds or so.  Mix everything together so the hummus acts as the glue that holds everything together.  Toast bulky rolls, add cheese and then a big scoop of the chicken mixture.  Close sandwich and enjoy!

What's your favorite Quick Fix Meal (QFM)?


  1. I love using hummus as a sauce. It's creamy qualities definitely make it super versatile. Love that you are still creative in the kitchen despite being a new mom! :D

  2. I recently made chicken salad, too, (but it was with mayo, plus greek yogurt, celery and grapes.)

    Your little man is so precious!

  3. Yum, adding the hummus and taboule is such a great idea! I'm a mayo hater too, so these are right up my alley :) Please keep posting the cute pics too - adorable!

  4. Love the QFM series! Most of the time when I make dinner, it's just for me, so this recipe would be perfect for me. I love using leftovers for random, fun meals too. :)

    He just keeps getting cuter, Lizzy! He must be bringing so much joy to you guys.

  5. That looks and sounds amazing! I've always hated chicken salad, but cannot wait to try this one!

  6. your baby is so cute. Definitely i will try to make it through you have given recipe. I like chicken and mutton which are my favorite food. I think that it will be first time to make chicken salad.

  7. He seriously keeps getting cuter and cuter! Those eyes are gorgeous!