Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mommy 'Vice: Take Video!

The beginning of Mommy 'Vice starts today and it's short and simple.  

You know that awesome DSLR camera you bought to take pictures of your baby {or of food}?  Well, don't forget to switch to the video function once in awhile and get some awesome footage!  Now my day job is a Video Editor so I don't expect everyone to be able to create something like this, but there is plenty you can do just using iMovie.  So get your cameras out and start recording.

{If you have questions on how to shoot video on your camera, reach out to me! We use our DSLR cameras professionally to shoot video as well...}

I'm hoping to put together a video like this together once a month.  This was taken Sunday morning.  Dylan was in such good spirits, I decided to wake up Dave and the rest just came together very organically.

I spent time researching songs- fell in love with Emilie Mover, listened to a bunch of her songs and found the one I used: Made for Each Other.  I later found that it was also used in a Fisher Price commercial!

The lyrics: 

You are exactly one of a kind
There ain't no other I would find
You are eternally on my mind
We're so completely intertwined

And in a perfect world as this
You can wake up every day
And make your way

We dream of the best stuff 
And we can make it happen
We were made for each other
And we sing along with all our favorite songs
And we can make them up
Because we were made for each other
For Always...

I'm always looking for good music like this track to put against videos, so let me know if you have any suggestions!

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed making it.
Happy Thursday!


  1. Oh my gosh Lizzie! He is so so cute! Love this!!

  2. Lizzie, Dylan is truly one of the cutest children I've seen in a long time. Great video!

  3. this is amazing!! Love it! good job momma.

  4. I'm not just saying this for the heck of it -- he is seriously of the cutest babies I've ever seen! And he is lucky to have a mom who is so talented with video. :) Glad you're doing well!

  5. So adorable! I have no idea how to use my dSLR to make videos, or how to edit them. I would love to learn!

  6. I cannot even handle the cuteness!!! How is it possible that he gets cuter every single time I see him? :) I'm still smiling from the video - it came out so well!