Friday, June 7, 2013

Dylan's First Birthday Party...

This past Saturday we hosted Dylan's first birthday party!  A full year has gone by and our little man is now ONE! I wish I could say that I took a million fabulous photos and the whole party went down like a perfect Pinterest dream, but that is just not the case.  Truth is I barely have any photos that fully document the day and although I executed a pretty hilarious theme, "Pickles and all things that go with Pickles," I don't have much to show for it.  They say that the less photos you take, the more fun you had, so I'm going with that.  Who said that- I'm not so sure, but I think that saying is just perfect for this occasion.

As some of you know, we call my son, Dyl Pickle, or Picks for short.  My brother made up the nickname and it just kinda stuck.  Speaking of my brother, him and his family recently moved to Maryland (BIG TEAR) and they totally surprised me with a visit for the Pickle Party! It was so
But let's rewind...when pinteresting ideas for Dylan's first birthday, I started to think of and pin foods that went with pickles.

I was pretty amazed with everything I found.  Gotta love Pinterest! After I came up with ideas, I found a caterer who was willing to go the extra mile for my theme.  I used Peppers Catering located in Northboro, MA and they were great to work with.  They were pricier than I expected and I was a bit disappointed by how much set up I had to do for how much money I spent, but I was prepared for that by my trusty planning coordinator in advance.  I ended up ordering a bunch of sandwiches and wraps, 90 different kinds of sliders that had many different toppings to go with them, an Italian Table Presentation full of breads, assorted cheeses, meats, olives, roasted red peppers, bean dip, etc.  In addition, I ordered a giant cake in the shape of a giant pickle (inspired by the one above) and a Smash Cake.  I also ordered pickle relishes for the pickle bar.  My friend Jamie also made 4 Large Mason Jars full of DYL pickles! I wish I could show you how delicious all the food came out, but I didn't take any food photos! I know! I guess when you're out of the food blogging world, it's easy to forget.

But before I go into too much detail about the party itself, check out my invite.  I found the wording on pinterest, changed it up a bit, asked my friend Meg to draw a "cute, happy, birthday pickle" and then I designed the rest of the invite.

Pretty fun (and a little ridiculous) right?

Well, the weather for Saturday was 93 degrees.  Right smack in the middle of a New England heat wave.  Now the last couple parties we've had, it's been raining so I was so happy it was a beautiful day, but I was a little worried that people wouldn't want to be outside.  I love my house, but it is not set up for indoor parties... at all. When people started showing up, everyone was coming inside.  My food was not ready and I was totally worried that my great outdoor party I had envisioned was going to turn into an indoor one. Luckily, at 3 o'clock when the party started (after naptime of course), my backyard is almost always shaded.  We rented a few round tables and chairs for people to sit at and the cutest little kids table with kids chairs.  I also had a large gymnastics mat for kids to play on, a water table, an inflatable pool filled with water and another filled with balls (mini-ball pit), and a swing and a slide.  There was definitely enough to do, it was just whether or not people could handle the heat. No amount
of shade would disguise 93 degrees.

But the kids loved being outside even if it meant the parents were sweating just a bit.

We set up the food in our 2-car garage.  Completely cleared it out and filled it with three large rectangular tables. Aside from the adult food, I also had a kids table where I put out pouches, baby food jars filled with cheerios and puffs, baby sun-tan lotion, bubbles and little toys for the kids to play with.  We also had plenty of water, sodas, and beers.

In our basement, we set up the dessert table. We had tons of cookies, brownies and blondies, the Giant Pickle Cake (totally ridiculous, but amazingly delicious), the Smash Cake, and Hamburger Pops made by Creative Confections by Lauren in Allston, MA.

I totally recommend using Lauren for the Cake Pops if you're local, they were so delicious!
I found these adorable pops on this post  and then starting searching for someone who could make pops like those in my area.  Lauren did such an amazing job.  I ordered two flavors- one with Cookies N Creme another with Confetti.  They were so delicious (and HUGE).

My bff Courtney also made the cutest little Hamburger cookies.  I found the recipe again on this blog, and it was something Court and I planned to make together on Friday.  But then my brothers family surprised me and I just wanted to spend time with them so Court took over.  (You're the best Courtney!) Aren't they adorable?  Made with Nilla Wafers, Thin Mints, Coconut with green food coloring and red and yellow frosting for the ketchup and mustard.

I think the biggest reason my pictures are such a disappointment (aside from the fact that I didn't take much) are that I kept my 50mm lens on.  The 50 is great for portraits, but not so great for sharing the whole scene.  Even these pictures I took of the basement only show what's on the table, not the awesome decorating done by yours truly and my BFF Courtney.  Hint.. mainly done by Court.  I'm pretty good at coming up with fun ideas, but not so great at executing.
 (thanks Court)
(instagram: LizzyKC11)

My decorations also included a tree decorated with pickle ornaments.  Yep, you read that right.  No pictures to show for it though. I also had 5 large 20X30 foam core boards printed of pictures of Dylans first year that we hung from the deck.

For centerpieces and to display what foods we were serving, I quickly put together these labels- I just photoshopped it together with the pickle from the invite.  We used skewer sticks and foam board to put it together.  We then placed the sticks in Mason Jars filled with rocks that I had leftover from my wedding (almost FIVE years ago!).

Okay, more party pictures!

Cake Smashing!

The delicious inside of the cake... that would be green fondant, marshmallow filling, marble cake with chocolate mouse.... mmmmm...

Naked Gift opening...

A funny, theme related gift (thanks Kerry!)

Oh... see the screen in the background? I also made a video of Dylan's first year.  It's 20 minutes long and I played it on the upstairs and downstairs TVs on a loop.  I'll spare you the whole video, but check out the end... it makes all those Monthly Photoshoots of Dylan wearing his Monthly Sticker worth it.  Watch my son grow up before your eyes!

And to finish off the day, our only family picture.  Dyl looks beyond excited right?

Happy 1st Birthday Little Man.  We love you Dyl Pickle!


  1. WOW! What am amazing party. Love the theme. Well thought out. Beautiful family!

  2. oh my gosh, can't believe one year has already gone by! love the pickle theme :)

  3. Growing older is the part of life, and every age has its charm. Childhood ends with the nineteenth birthday, and you will feel the same excitement to celebrate the nineteenth birthday of your child as you might have felt on his first birthday.

  4. Adorable!! Where did you get the invitations??

  5. We have a Dyl pickle also and came across this while trying to plan his first bday in Dec. So fun and glad to see other little Dyl pickles out there :)