Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sore Running

So, yet again I set my alarm for 5am and couldn't get myself up for the gym. Its becoming such a struggle- either its easy or its impossible and there's no in between. But, that doesn't stop me from packing a bag the night before and setting my alarm anyway. Hey, at least I try! I'm a little sore from the race on Sunday and the Boot Camp class I did yesterday. But, I'm gearing up for my run right now during my lunch break. I run better in the middle of the day anyway. I'm hoping to do 6 in 50ish minutes. Hopefully, I will feel good. I brought my new Nike spandex so that will motivate me. I wonder if I'm the only one who has better workouts when I like my workout outfit- is that normal? Probably not. I haven't eaten much today and I'm getting hungry. So far, I've had a quarter cup of coffee mixed with Soy Vanilla Chai.

So good and highly recommend it. I then had Oatmeal- my dreaded morning breakfast. I would much rather have a bagel but that's how I put on the pounds to begin with! I used to be a full-on "bagel biter"- I would eat them all the time. But now, I've been eating oatmeal and Fiber One bars for a mid-morning snack. I really need to incorporate more fruit into my diet. Thats my on-going struggle! Okay, off for my run! I'll let you know how it goes on the treadmill!

Just got back. It went pretty well. I ran 6 miles in 51:45. I started at 6.8 mph and went all the way up to 9.0 for the final 1/4 mile. Felt good, but not great. Watched a little Sportcenter, SportsDesk, E! News and the regular News. Watched a Tyra but her show was about obesity and it made me nauseous while running.

Date2 /25/2009
Distance6.00 mi

After the gym, I ate my lunch and I was starving. I cooked grilled Chicken last night and diced it up and put it on my salad with Fat Free Feta Cheese and Rasberry Dressing. I also had a Joseph's Pita. I highly recommend this brand, tons of fiber and taste so good!!

That's it for now. Sometime this afternoon, I will eat my fruit cup.

And on my way home, I'll snack on trail mix. Because as Dave and my mom say, between the hours of 6:15pm and 7pm, I am evil because I'm so hungry. My mom recommended keeping food in my purse. Its definitely helped!

Dave is out of town on business until tomorrow so I'm cooking for myself tonight. I'm going to make a lot of chicken so I dont have to cook tomorrow night. This is a method I learned from one of my favorite Celebrity Chefs on the Food Network- Robin Miller. She always recommends cooking a lot of protein at a time so you can use it for another meal later in the week. I'm going to use one of these recipes I read about in my latest Women's Health magazine:

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