Monday, March 15, 2010

Ras na hEireann 5k in Davis Square (Somerville)

So yesterday, Dave and I ran the Somerville 5K in the absolute POURING RAIN.  I really had no expectations for this race.  Just thought it would be a good excuse to run with Dave and get some speed in.  There were 3,000 runners who ran and it was crowded at the start.  We started with our friends Carissa and Ben but lost them around the first mile.  Dave is a funny one to run races with.  He does these little surges and then gets into a rhythm but he kept leaving me!  Luckily I was able to catch up.  Our mile splits were pretty funny.  9:07, 8:10 and 7:55.  The race was exactly 3.10 miles- I don't remember the last time I ran a race that was actually accurate!  So I wish we started off a bit faster but overall, I'm not disappointed. 3.1 Miles 25:55, avg. pace- 8:21

We were so lucky Carissa and Ben lived close by!  We rushed back to their house, got out of our wet clothes and showered then went off to the bar.  But before we did that, Ben and Carissa made us some hot chocolate with fluff for me and a hot toddy for Dave.  So speaking off fluff, Carissa introduced me to the stuff (oh that rhymes).  Carissa (aka little one) and I work together and one day she started talking about fluff.  I knew what it was but much like peanut butter, never really had it.  So one day we were talking about hot chocolate and she said... have you ever put fluff in hot chocolate?  And I was like no.  And she goes its sooooo good, you need to try it.  And I did!  And I'm addicted to it!  I have some hot chocolate with some fluff almost every night now and it solves my sweet tooth that I've picked up from spending way too much time with Gretchen and Carissa. Yum!!!
Okay on to other race day photos- 
Me and Carissa
Enjoying some Irish Beer...
And the best part of the day- FOOD! We shared the Nachos as soon as we got a seat:
And then I ordered the Irish Soda Bread with Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon.  Irish-Jewish meal?
It was amazing!  We had a few more beers, then went over to another bar.  By 4:30, I was spent and ready to go home.  When we got home, I went straight up to bed and slept until 9pm!  Oops!  So I did not cook dinner.  I got up, had a frozen waffle and some cereal and then went back to bed.  Running in the rain knocks me out!!!! Have a wonderful rainy Monday!

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  1. mmm, I bet the hot chocolate totally hit the spot. I love me some fluff or marshmallows in my hot chocolate!

    And, my husband is always commenting on the similarities between Jewish and Irish food. One year I brought potato pancakes with a smoked salmon mousse to a friend's St. Patty's day party :)