Monday, May 24, 2010

Boston Emmys!

On Saturday night I went with my friend Dana to the Boston Emmys.  It was Black Tie Optional so we dressed up and pretended we were going to the prom and took some pre-award Prom pics!
Dana works for the Patriots and the event was held at Gillette Stadium.  One of the Patriots tv shows she works on was up for an award so we went together to represent the Pats in case they won! (PS- there award was one of the last to be announced and unfortunately, Charlie Moore beat out the Pats All Access...tear...)
We got there around 5:30 and enjoyed many appetizers and some cocktails.  Then around 6:30, we sat down to our table.  And NO ONE WAS THERE!  For a good 30 minutes, we sat alone and it was pretty funny. 
Where is everyone?  Our table never filled up but we did get two more people.  So we had four people at a 10 person table. 
Because of this, the emcee, Mike Adams sat with us when the awards were being presented.  He is definitely an interesting dude.  For those of you who don't know, he is the host of the Planet Mikey Show on WEEI.  His sense of humor and personality is very give or take.  You either love him or can't stand him.  I think he's a nice enough dude... but he definitely annoys me.
Okay on to the good stuff... the food!  Salad was a wedge salad with tomatoes, carrots, pecans, a few tomatoes and bacon.  Oh and Blue Cheese I avoided.  EEEK! Dinner was spinach and cheese stuffed chicken with Brocollini and a Sweet Potato Casserole thingie that was the highlight of the meal.  When the waitress dropped off this dish I asked, "What do we have here?"  Her response- "It looks like broccoli and chicken."  Smooth catering service.  Don't even know what you are serving!
And now on to the most important part- dessert!!!  This WAS DELICIOUS!  And that National Emmy Chip- chocolate and totally edible!  We had some type of coconut flavored tart with chocolate mousse, more chocolate mousse on the side and a raspberry sauce.  It was sooo good.  So good in fact that I kept eating it for hours and hours since the catering staff decided to leave it on our tables all nite.
I also enjoyed a couple of these- Grapefruit and Vodka.  Called Greyhounds?  New signature drink.
Oh, so the awards- there were some celebrity sitings... like our Governor Deval Patrick. 
Liz Brunner from Channel 5 and... I can't remember this dudes name.  I just looked on all the local stations websites... Anyone, anyone?
Winner of the 2010 Boston Emmy Governors Award: Joyce Kulhawik.  Anyone remember her? I thought her speech was very thoughtful and nice.  And kinda sad since they no longer have Arts and Entertainment reporters.  At the end of her speech, I felt bad for her since she declared to the room she was looking for work!  
Of course, because this even went on for 5 hours, we had to check the Celtics score!  The Celts blew away the Magic and we are up 3-0 NOTHING! 
All in all, lots of fun!  Thanks Dana for taking me!


  1. what a fun event. you look great in your little black dress. Greyhounds!! yum.

  2. Patriots All Access is only the BEST tv post and pre pats games!! Robbed. Well looks like you had a lovely evening at your VIP table =)

  3. Wow, I had no idea something this happened in Boston! AND I also had no idea Joyce Kullhawik wasn't on the news anymore. I loved her!

    Looks like a fabulous evening :)