Sunday, October 3, 2010

Boston Public Library Wedding!

 Last Saturday, Dave and I drove into Boston for one of my closest friend, Joanna's wedding.  It was a perfect day- 80 degrees in Boston on September 25th is almost unheard of!  This view on the pike (above) is one of my favorite views of the city.  Before the ceremony, I took some pics of the gorgeous city.  I love Boston!
 I used to work in the Hancock tower.  So pretty!  And then we made our way over to the main event: The Boston Public Library!
 It was such a beautiful venue. Joanna and Dean had their ceremony in the courtyard and it was gorgeous.  Right in the middle of the library, the courtyard had beautiful views of the city.
 I was the greeter and handed out the programs and helped people get their table numbers.
 Speaking of table place-cards- look how cute this is!
The ceremony was interfaith and it was so well done.  
My favorite part was how Joanna planned the Seven blessings. 
*The Seven Blessings are a key part of a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. The blessings are adapted from ancient rabbinic teachings, beginning with the blessing over the wine and ending with a communal expression of joy. In many ceremonies the prayers are read or chanted in both Hebrew and English. There are also numerous modern English variations on the blessings.Many couples also ask friends or relatives to read some or all of the blessings, or may ask all the guests in attendance to read the blessings from a wedding program. Some couples create their own blessings, or ask honored guests to create their own. (Source)
Joanna and Dean chose to have guests read them 7 blessings (or stories) based on keywords on marriage and advice.  Some were about laughter, friendship, marriage, love- Joanna help me out with the rest! But let's just say there were a of Sex and the City quotes!

 It went from lightness, to dusk to darkness during the ceremony.
 And the kiss!  I narrowly missed the perfect shot. Tear...
 And introduced as Mr. & Mrs...
 First Dance...
 Okay now on to food... you know you all want to see it.  I missed the appetizers because I was too busy drinking Champagne with a splash of cranberry juice.  (Yes, three in one hour)
First course- Salad with Chevre, poached pear, pecans and delicious vinaigrette! I loved this dish.  The flavors worked together perfectly.
Main Course: Miso Roasted Salmon with Bok Choy, Pea Shoots, Jasmine Rice and Black Sesame Seeds.  Asian Flair for a delicious dinner!
And dessert, Cake!  It was Carrot Cake.  Delicious!
 They also had some mini-ice cream cones. Yum!
 Aren't they cute?
Okay other pictures from the night- my camp friend Abbe and I.  I haven't seen Abbe in quite some years and she surprised me by telling me she reads my blog! Hi Abbe!
 The beautiful bride and me!
 Camp girls!!! Some of the girls also told me they read my blog! Brie, Stacey, Bethany, me and Nicole!
 And my favorite picture of the night!  Joanna looked absolutely gorgeous and so happy.  It's so emotional seeing your friends you've grown up with get married.  Joanna and have known each other for almost 20 years.  We went to camp together and sat at the same mixed table then became pen-pals for years and years.  We got our closest during and after college and relied on each other through heartbreak and love.  I am SO so lucky to have met such an amazing friend many many years ago!  I love you Jo! Congrats!
*The Boston Public Library was a gorgeous location for a wedding.  I loved the courtyard where the ceremony was held!  The food was great and the band was amazing.  If you are a bride in the Boston area, check this location out!


  1. Wow, a Boston Public Library wedding! It reminds me of SATC the movie 2 hehe. You took beautiful pictures. I love your dress. And those mini ice cream cones are adorable!

  2. What a beautiful spot for a wedding! I had no idea people could get married there. The wedding cake looks gorgeous!

  3. What a great wedding! And I think that Dean lived on my floor freshman year at Umass..

  4. I would LOVE to get married in the Boston Public Library. A friend of mine was married there as well and it's a very cool venue.

    I love the placecards. Congrats to the newleyweds!

  5. Oh my gosh that makes me miss Boston. The wedding was SO gorgeous!!

  6. Thanks everyone! I must admit, I did get the idea from the first SATC movie and the location was a dream come true. The service and food were amazing in addition to the obvious gorgeous location! If you know anyone getting married, definitely recommend the BPL. And if you need an interfaith AMAZING rabbi, Lev Ba'esh is unreal. I love him. It was his idea to have our friends write their own seven blessings...themes were joy, humor, communication, friendship, marriage, respect, and love. :) @Cara, too funny that you know Dean! Small UMass world.