Sunday, February 6, 2011

Long Run and Weekly Workout Recap

I went out Friday night to an amazing Italian restuarant in the burbs (more on that later) and enjoyed 3 vodka drinks.  We didn't get home until 12am and I wasn't feeling the best Saturday AM.  Probably not the best way to prep for a long run.  I had planned to do my long run on the treadmiill today, but when my friend Stephanie called around 1pm and suggested we do the run today, I agreed.  After all it wasn't raining like the weather men had predicted and it was 37 degrees out!  (That's warm in Boston)
 We met at the Woodland Train station on the Newton/Wellesley line.  Stephanie is training for her first marathon (Boston!) and I was pretty sure Comm Ave would be pretty clear especially since they have a carraige road (side road on the left away from traffic).  The side road was pretty clear, we only hit a few bad areas.  We hit the Boston Marathon hills in the first few miles but we were done with all the (marathon)hills by Mile 5 which was nice.  I've said this before and I'll say it again, I think the worst Boston hill is the first!  Anyway, after we ran past BC on Comm Ave, we headed down to Beacon Street only instead of following the marathon route, we went right and ran down Beacon all the way until the end when it met back up with Rt 16 (Washington St). This part of the run we pretty much had to run single file the whole time which wasn't so fun.
At Mile 8, I told Stephanie I was going to pop into Starbucks to refill my water bottle. We had been on the same road for 2 miles so I figured she knew to stay straight and I would catch up.  Let's just say Stephanie is notorious for dissappearing.  (She's that friend who sneaks out at a bar and you never know where she goes...or the friend who is always calling from her husbands phone because she lost hers... love you Steph!) I was in and out of Starbucks in 2 minutes and I ran down Beacon which is a straight shot for miles.  I ran about a 1/2 mile and didn't see her at all and definitely started to freak out.  At this point it also started to downpour.  Freezing rain, no sidewalk, missing friend- I almost broke down!  But luckily we found each other just before I officially freaked!  Then we just tried to finish the run as fast as we could- the rain was not fun!
Yep, absolutely soaked...
12 Miles 1:55:15 9:36 pace
Mile 1: 8:46
Mile 2: 9:01
Mile 3: 9:44 (Hill 1)
Mile 4: 9:34 (Hill 2)
Mile 5: 9:14
Mile 6: 9:51 (Hill 3)
Mile 7: 9:43
Mile 8: 9:58 (near BC on Beacon)
Mile 9: 11:28 (refilled water at Starbucks, looking for Stef)
Mile 10: 9:37
Mile 11: 9:41
Mile 12: 9:15

After we finished, we stretched, iced our feet, and changed out of our soaking wet clothes. So happy I finally ran outside!! Felt good to get out there.  Some parts we felt like we were ice skating and some parts were definitely not the safest but I am just SO happy not to have to hit the treadmill today!
totally normal
So I basically ran 12 miles slower than I hope to run 13.1 in 3 weeks.  But in these conditions I'm pretty happy!  Now on to the Weekly Workouts!

 Weekly Recap of Workouts:
Monday 1/31: 
Ran 10K on treadmill during lunch
6.2 miles in 54:30 (8:46)
Tuesday 2/1:
Speed Workout, 6.5 miles (8:41), 2X1200, 4X800 2 min rest in between sets
Wednesday 2/2: 
OFF (snow)
Thursday 2/3:
Friday 2/4: 
Ran 10K on treadmill
6.2 miles in 53:07 (8:34)
Saturday 2/5:
12 miles outside, 1:55:15, 9:36 pace
Sunday 2/6:
Jillian Michaels 30Day Shred and Shred it Weights 
(On Demand Videos)
Total: 4 days running, 30.9 miles, 1 Day of Lifting, 2 Days off
 Biggest Loser update- Stayed the same : (

Alright now off to cook!  Going to a friends for the Super Bowl and I'm making 3 amazing snacks!
Super Nachos with Butternut Queso, Greek 7 Layer Dip and Edamole (from Cara)
How was your week?  What are you cooking for the Superbowl


  1. Ahh that's too bad you got caught in the sleet and almost lost your friend, but great job running outside!! I know what you mean about the carriage way - some parts are fine, others you definitely need to be careful and slow down. I was also SO thankful to not be running on the treadmill yesterday!!

  2. i'm lovin' your ice down method! :)

    sounds like a good run to me. my training runs are always slower than my races and it works out, so i wouldn't sweat running slower than your goal today.

  3. Great run--12 miles!! 37 is balmy this time of the year in Eastern Washington. Glad you escaped the treadmill to get an outdoor run--even if ou had to play hide and seek for a bit!!

    YOu are so good--icing your feet after the run! cute pic!

  4. Love the icing of your feet pic!

  5. nice running! I always feel badass being caught in a downpour :) No superbowl cooking for me!

  6. Ugh, running in a downpour is never fun! Especially in cold weather. Yikes!

    I made chili for the superbowl :) Can't wait to see what you made!

  7. I live in the 'burbs so I am excited to see which restaurant you went to!

    Props for running outside today--I hit the treadmill because the roads here are still so narrow from the snow. I also live in the "snow belt", so I cant complain too much!!

  8. Good work! You are brave to run outside- I am still too much of a wimp to do so

  9. Butternut queso? Need to know about it!

  10. Great run! It must've been nice to get some fresh air.

  11. Great work LIZZY! I love the photo of icing in the snow, good way to find a good use for it! I went for a run before the Super Bowl and I seriously almost fell 15 times...eek! I am ready for this weather to ease up a bit!

  12. Great run! I am desperate to get outside! I wish we had paths or carriage roads around. We just have snow, ice, snow, and more ice. I get so nervous about running outside again after all this treadmill running. I guess I'll find out next weekend!

  13. Awesome long run! I am jealous, the roads by me are still super icy and it makes me nervous. Too funny on the icing method as well :)

  14. It must feel so good to run outside again, especially with a friend! Don't feel bad about the pace - it had to be slower on ice. Last year during the snopocalypse I remember my 18 miler was much slower than my (snow-free) 20 miler.
    Have a great week girl!

  15. Nice work, Liz! Maybe we passed each other on Comm Ave?? Good work hanging in there... the conditions haven't exactly been ideal for running around here! :)

  16. I couldn't believe how nice it was outside this weekend! Although I still passed on running in snow/ I almost fell MANY times just walking teh dog haha!
    Great workouts for the week!