Monday, May 2, 2011

Restaurant Review: Village Smokehouse + Red Sox

 Saturday early evening before my brother and I went to the Red Sox game, we headed to the Village Smokehouse in Brookline.  Now I've been here before and it's definitely heavy food, but its also delicious.  I'm always super impressed with their barbecued meats and BBQ sauce.  The restaurant has a really cute theme to it.  "Ain't nothin' fancy mind ya, just a place where good folks go."  Love that saying!  Check out other fun sayings they had all over their menu!
My favorite- "I used to eat all natural foods until I realized so many people die of natural causes." hehhe!
Complimentary Corn Bread to start...

I decided to try to be lighter and order the Smoked Grilled Chicken Death Sandwich.  Death because I added jalapenos.  I also added cheese but held the bacon (for once).

My mom and brother ordered the Smoked Pulled Pork.  I had some bites and it was sooo good.  The sweetness of the BBQ sauce made it even better.
 And of course we got sides of Sweet Potato Fries and Baked Beans- how can we resist?
 After that, my brother and I rolled ourselves over to Fenway for our first game of the year!

Once we got in, we immediately got a beer.  I mean who can resist an $8 CAN of Beer, right?  Fenway- are you serious- 8 bucks for a CAN of beer!
 I did find their strategies for pouring the beers quite beneficial however.  Pretty funny stuff! No foam!
 The Red Sox lost because no one could actually figure out to how to HIT the ball.  But it was a fun night anyway with my big brother.  But we're old and bounced before the end- hey we beat the crowd!  (I'm a grandma).  Plus I had to wake up early to get down to Providence to cheer for my running buddies!  (More on that later...)
 Have you been to Smokehouse?  What's your favorite BBQ food?  


  1. I've been to Smokehouse 2 or 3 times with Ben's family - they love it! I do too, I think it's awesome. Usually I go with the chicken cause I'm not a huge "real deal" BBQ person, but I always love it, and the sides are all amazing especially the cornbread. Yay for going to Fenway!! Always a good time. I love baseball season.

  2. Oh! George and I were at that game with Tek and friends! But we were all the way in the bleachers. :)
    Never been to Smokehouse but my best friend's wedding had Blue Ribbon BBQ for the reception! DELISH!

  3. It was fun running into you on Sunday! It is even funnier that I was also at the Sox game on Saturday night!!

    Were you able to find your friend at mile 20? I found my runner and got him to the finish! Super exciting, plus it was a perfect day! Hope you had a good time!

  4. I've never been to the Smokehouse, but I do love authentic BBQ. My friends and I used to rent a ski house in VT every year and we ate at the nearby "Local Folks Smokehouse" every time. Love the cornbread!

    Going to Fenway is one of my favorite things to do in the spring/summer...even when the Sox forget to play baseball. So fun!

  5. What a fun night! I haven't been to the Smokehouse in a long time but looks as good as ever.

  6. sounds like fun! your sandwich looks so good!

  7. That looks like the best day! I'll have to check out the Smokehouse. I love pulled pork!

  8. I've never even heard of this place, I'll have to check it out! Foxy loves BBQ! That picture of you at the game is too cute :) I hope the Sox are turning things around!!

  9. I managed to make it to one Red Sox game before leaving Boston. And of course I got an eight dollar beer. It's a requirement! But so much fun!

    That barbecue looks delicious! It's hard to find really good barbecue up here, but when you do find's life altering.