Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Moment of Thanks... Part IV

The next person I want to thank is my running partner Nancy.  Nance and I went to HS together but weren't in the same group of friends.  In college, Nancy got really into running and started running marathons.  She has since gone on to run 11.  Yes, 11 marathons!  That crazy girl!  Anyway... in 2009, we were both at the start of the Hyannis Marathon (well I was running the relay, she was doing the full) and caught up.  Then we started emailing and meeting up for runs on Saturday mornings.  She introduced me to her running group (a group from a couple towns over who run together leisurely on Saturdays) and we all began running together for fun.  Then, Nancy got into New York through the lottery and convinced me to fundraise for it.  I thought she was delusional. I remember telling her I would only do it if I could run 15 miles.  So we went out for a 15 mile run and I thought ok... maybe I can do this...

I ended up over-training, getting injured 2 months before the race and deferring my number.  But throughout last summer, Nance and I woke up wicked early to run ridiculous amounts of miles before it got too hot. We ran hours and hours and had a blast and Nancy really helped me fall in love with long-distance running. I honestly cannot imagine what running two hours plus would be like without Nancy.  We gossip, talk, share stories and the hours and miles clip away. Last year, I am sure we ran over 300 miles together and we even ran together in the middle of the night during the Ragnar Relay.

Honestly, I wouldn't be half the runner I am today without Nancy and I feel SO lucky we bumped into each other a few years ago at that race.  Running is both of our stress relievers and waking up early Saturday mornings has become our ritual (even if we do have to lie about it to our husbands...) Thanks Nancy!  I know I couldn't have finished a marathon without you and I look forward to our training this summer!

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  1. aw such a nice shout out!! running mega miles w/o a buddy is pure insanity. glad you have someone to keep you sane :)