Friday, June 25, 2010

Update- Weekend Fun, Company Party, Running!

Lets go back, shall we?  Saturday night, we had our friends Michelle and Ethan over for Lobster.  I loooove making lobster at home.  It's so fun!  First we had the lobsters race....
They were not too enthusiastic about that.  Then we played with them-
And then finally we said by bye little guys...
The feast included this bean dip and this potato risotto.  Along with corn on the cob and a salad.
How can you eat lobster without butter, right?  PS- We still don't have lobster tools, so we used wrenches.  Pretty funny!!!!

Sunday, we had a BBQ in New Hampshire and then I left to go help set up for my company's summer Anniversary Party at the Danversport Yacht Club in Danvers, MA.  This is also where I got married so I love LOVE this place.
Thats the gazebo I got married in... remember?
Sooo... the back to the deets on the party.  Before we partied, we first had an agency meeting.  Thats what I helped with- the presentation.  Our meeting was in the main ballroom where I had my reception.
On Monday Gretchen and I rocked it behind the scenes.  Gretchen was in charge of the slides and I was in charge of the videos.  Don't we look legit with our headsets?
The meeting went great and then it was time to parrrrrty outside.  Only problem was it was 93 degrees out.  SO HOT!  Here's a shot of some people in my department.
And the food!  It was BBQ so I had a Veggie Burger, Caesar Salad, Chicken and Yummy Tomatoes with Feta, Balsamic and Basil. 
Overall, it was a great party!  And I'm so happy my company used Danversport because I love it up there!

Tuesday I woke up early for a Speed Workout.  Here is the workout:
3X200, 200 Rest, 2X400, 400 Rest, 3X200, 200 Rest
All at pretty much as fast as you can.  I did this on the treadmill so clearly, it was a little difficult measuring 200s, but I think I did an okay job.
 Workout Completed:
1 mile warmup 6.0MPH 1.0 Incline
200: 48 Seconds
200 at 5.0MPH
200: 44 Seconds
200 at 5.0MPH 
200: 43 Seconds
200 at 5.0MPH 
400 at 1:39 
400 at 5.0MPH
400 at 1:40
400 at 5.0MPH
200 at 40 Seconds
200 at 5.0MPH
200 at 37 Seconds
200 at 5.0 MPH
200 at 38 Seconds
400 Walk
1 Mile Cooldown 6.0
5 Miles 49 min
I did my last couple 200s at 11.5MPH on the treadmill which is around 5:20pace!  Wahoo!! PS- Did you know that your pace is MUCH more accurate to outside if you increase your treadmill incline to 1.0? Just an FYI!
I cooked some this week but nothing too exciting and nothing that I added my own spin too.. so I will just skip ahead to last night- the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge. If you want to know more about this awesome race, check out my friend Anne's I mean Salad's blog.  (PS- I also stole the last two photos from her- hope you don't mind Anne!) Last year I ran 27:25 and I knew I wasn't nearly as fast as I was last year or in as good of shape (hello two week European vacation I just went on) so I just wanted to do it in a faster than 8:30min/mile clip and enjoy it with my friend Carissa. And thats exactly what we did.  But first, the before pictures.... the team!
And me and Carissa-
I crossed the finish line in 29:34 which 8:26 pace.  I was pretty happy with that.  After the race, a crew of us headed over to The Littlest Bar for some grub!  And not healthy grub either.
Nothing like wearing spandex to a bar.  Who can beat that?

I don't have a crazy weekend plan- just lots of family time.  I also want to sit down and really plan out my Marathon Training which officially begins next week!  I did receive my first CSA package, so expect a post on the goods. For those of you who don't know- a CSA is Community-supported Agriculture which means: A CSA consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation where the growers and consumers share the risks and benefits of food production. CSAs usually consist of a system of weekly delivery or pick-up of vegetables and fruit sometimes including dairy products and meat. (Thanks Wikipedia) More on this later.  Happy Weekend!


  1. what a gorgeous spot for a wedding! I heard all about that party - looks like a blast. the lobster night looks fun too!!

  2. The show could not have gone on without us! We totally look legit.

  3. I'm SO sad that I wasn't able to run this year!! :( What a bummer :( Here's to next year...!