Thursday, June 17, 2010


I'm back!  From what you ask?  I'm back from my Mediterranean Cruise!  On May 28th, Dave, myself, my brother and his wife Natalia flew to Barcelona spent a day and a half there then boarded a ship to go cruising around the Mediterranean.  We saw Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Cannes, Florence, Pisa, Rome, Naples, Capri, Sorrento, Pompeii, Mykonos, Athens, Istanbul, Kusadasi, Ephesus, and Venice.  It was an absolutely amazing trip and I will be posting about food and sites from each venture in the next couple days.  But for now, lets talk SPEED!

Now I did workout on my trip but I did no more than 3 miles only about 5 times.  Which means in 14 days, I ran only a total of 15 miles.  Which I am okay with since I'm not really training for anything AND I was on vacation.  The gym on the cruise was really nice with tons of new treadmills that overlooked the front of the ship... but it was hard to run with the boat moving.  

Anyway, lets talk about today's workout.  This was a Runner's World workout: 
You do three 1200’s (3 laps around the track, 1 400 short of a mile), and in each one you will run one of the three laps at a faster pace. The article suggests running 10K pace (with the one faster lap at 5k pace). Your time on the faster lap should be about 5 seconds faster each lap. 3x1200 with 400 recovery (One lap is run faster during each 1200).

Since the only current race I am signed up for (besides the marathon) is the Corporate Challenge (3.5 miles, next Thursday), I decided to run this close to 5K pace.  I figure my 5K pace is between 7:30-7:45 min/mile.  Here is what I did:

1 mile warmup 6.0MPH 1.0incline on treadmill
1200 at 5:42min- 1st lap (fastest) at 8.0MPH, 2nd lap 7.8MPH, 3rd lap at 7.6MPH
400 rest at 5.2MPH
1200 at 5:37- 1st lap 7.6MPH, 2nd lap (fastest) 8.2MPH, 3rd lap at 7.6MPH
400 rest at 5.2MPH
1200 at 5:35- 1st lap 7.6MPH, 2nd lap 7.8MPH, 3rd lap (fastest) 8.3MPH
400 walk (I was tired!) 3.0MPH
1 mile cooldown at 6.5MPH
Total 46 min, 5 miles

Felt good to get my legs moving again.  Tune in for posts about our trip!  First stop: Barcelona, Spain.

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  1. lizzy, thats such a great work out! speed laps are a triple threat: the time goes by fast, you get a fabulous work out in and you improve yuour time. boo yah