Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mystery Meet: Myers + Chang

Bostonians- have you heard of Mystery Meet?  I first heard about it on my friend Daisy's blog.  I was extrememly jealous and I didn't want to miss out on the next one!  So I started following Mystery Meet on twitter and I heard about the event and when tickets went on sale, I knew I had to snag one.  And I ended up snagging the FINAL ticket.  Score!  Mystery Meet (run by Seth Resler) organizes a tasting menu at popular restuarants all over the city for foodies.  Twenty foodies (mostly bloggers) meet at a restuarant and enjoy a dinner together.  We get five hints before the event.  Here's what they were...
Hint #1: It's located South of the Charles River
Hint #2: It's family style dining.
Hint #3: The chef was really on top of her Stuff this summer

Hint#4: The chef ran every Boston marathon from 1991 to 2006
Hint #5: The owners, both Harvard grads, met while working together at Rialto
I didn't get it until I typed the last two into Google.  I love Google- you can really figure out anything.  Of course it was Myers + Chang!  
I had been wanting to try this place out and was excited.  I emailed Daisy right away to see if she scored a ticket and she had.  So we met up for a pregame drink at Gretchen and Daisy's favorite place- Deluxe in the South End.  
After our very strong and delicious drinks- we walked to Myers and Chang.  We arrived five after 7:30 and there were only two remaining seats.  We introduced ourselves to those around us. I had the pleasure of meeting Bianca from Confessions of a Chocoholic,  Cynthia from Wicked Tasty Harvest, and Emily from Angry Little Chemist. Immediately, I ordered a delicious drink- (China Star $9 with sparkly prosecco, lychee, black currant). 
I love prosecco and love lechee.  This drink was fabulous.  Before long, the dishes started showing up. But first, a pic of Daisy and I!
First up:
This was my favorite dish, and it was the first.  I love the combo of noodles, chicken, and cilantro and I thought I didn't like cilantro.  This dish changed my mind! Next up:
 I loved this dish as well.  The crunch, the meat, the veggies- delicious!
This was also a fabulous dish.  Love mussels and I especially loved the lemongrass sauce.
These ribs were fall-off the bone tender.  I'm usually against ordering anything that you have to really use your hands to eat- wings, ribs... I don't eat them out in public.  I don't usually think its classy even though we all know I'm not the classiest girl in the world.  But these ribs were wow.. so tender and so delcious.  I loved this dish!
Looks pretty right?  This was my least favorite dish.  Something in here was incredibly bitter.  I usually love brocolli rabe, but this wasn't for me.  But honestly, by the time this came around, I was stuffed anyway.  There were a couple other dishes and tons of desserts but I couldn't eat anything else.  I was full and tired!

If you want to see the desserts, check out Daisy's page!  The highlight of the evening was meeting Joanne Chang in person! She came over to thank us for coming and she was so nice!
Overall, this night was a lot of fun.  I do wish I got to talk to more people (note to self, arrive early so you can sit in the middle of the table!) but it was a great event.  Thanks Seth for setting it up.  See you all at the next Mystery Meet!  And if you a Bostonian who is interested in joining us at the next one- follow Mystery Meet on twitter so you follow the updates! Thanks Seth for a wonderful and delicious evening!


  1. I love that you took a pic of delux. That is also a good one of me taking a picture. great write up! so much fun.

  2. That meal looks out of this world. What a neat idea.

  3. I still remember those ribs... I want to go back just for the drinks - and dessert of course ;) I hope to see you at other events soon!

  4. This sounds awesome!! I used to live in Boston but had never heard of Mystery Meet. I'm no longer a Bostonian, but I live close enough that I could probably check one out sometime. I'll have to start following them on Twitter! :)

  5. oooo i don't think i heard about the delux meet up before reading your post! isn't it such a fun spot!? you and daisy are two peas in a pod, the only ppl i know to proclaim a love for lychee! haaa!

  6. Lizzy you are so cool! What an awesome experiance!