Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas in the City

**If you live in Boston or the surrounding area, please read below.  We could really use your help**
Have you heard of Christmas in the City?  My guess is probably not.  Christmas in the City is founded by my Physical Therapist, Jake Kennedy and his wife and is a HUGE philanthropic effort to give gifts to those less fortunate in the city of Boston.  
"John and his brother Richard had noticed a favorable fundraising situation: Their family business, the Kennedy Brothers Physical Therapy centers, had already organized many successful fundraising efforts, so why not add a children's holiday charity to the roster? Their location, in the heart of Boston's financial district, gave them access to an excellent cross-section of potential volunteers and contributors. Over the years, the project has grown to undreamed-of proportions, and currently helps provide for thousands of Boston's less-fortunate children. Christmas in the City started over 20 years ago when Jake and Sparky Kennedy and family hosted a Christmas Party for 25 homeless children."

Today its mission is to end homelessness and to improve the impact of being homeless on families and children living in shelters. In addition to the annual party, which currently has over 3500 guests, Christmas in the City, (through its Adopt a Family program) offers advice and assistance to families transitioning from shelters to their own housing, provides Thanksgiving food baskets to families who need help to have a traditional Thanksgiving meal, and distributes gifts to children of over 2000 families in greater Boston who need assistance during the holiday season.
Christmas in the City is an all volunteer organization. There is no paid staff.

"We function because thousands of us give time and money to help our neighbors. Our volunteers range in age from kids in elementary schools to retirees. We all do what our circumstances allow, some of us giving an hour or two of our time or a donation of a toy or a small check, to substantial commitments of time and money."

So how can you help?
  Would you like to fulfill a child's Christmas wish by purchasing a toy off of their wishlist? Contact us to request a wishlist by:
  • For any number of lists
    • Phone: (617) 542-6611 (Kennedy Brother's Physical Therapy)
    • Fax: 617 542-9161
  • For requests of 10 or fewer lists All you do is call Kennedy Brothers and ask for a list.  You can provide one gift or several gifts.  After you purchase the gift, you bring it to Kennedy Brothers in Downtown Crossing by THIS FRIDAY AT 11PM.  This is so easy and will provide so much for these kids.  Please help!
    Online toy donation
       We have had great success filling wishlists by placing some of the most requested toys on an wishlist.

    The wishlist is available! Click HERE to go directly to the list on

    Alternatively, navigate to, click on "Gifts & Wishlists", and search wishlists for "Christmas in the City - Boston". The Christmas in the City wishlist items should ship to Christmas in the City, 45 Franklin St., care of Kennedy Brothers PT, Boston, MA 02110.
    Financial donations
    Checks can be mailed to:

       Christmas in the City
       P.O. Box 125
       Hingham, MA 02043

    Or donate online through by following this link:

    Christmas in the City is a registered non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status. Donations are tax deductible.

    It would make SO many kids so happy if you could contribute. Jake Kennedy is a class act and his selflessness to this cause is unbelievable. Please call this number (617.542.6611) to donate a gift OR click the links above to order online.


    1. Events like this are so wonderful. My friend is hosting a similar one - and it's so easy to make a difference. If I hadn't already spent my salary on kid's clothing at Target, I would definitely participate.

    2. What a great charity! We have Salvation Army Angels here at work. We got our little 9 year old a bike! I was SO excited to be able to give her something that will improve her health that she also had wished for!!!

    3. Looks like a wonderful cause to promote! I'm looking through the wishlist now.

    4. What a fabulous cause! I purchase gifts for my students in Woonsocket, but I will definitely go check out the wish list.

    5. This is wonderful!! What an amazing cause for Christmas. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. :)

    6. WHAT AN AMAZING POST!! Thank you for posting this because it helped me put things in perspective and now I am going to be looking at what I can do in my community!