Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Ten Year HS Reunion

It's no secret that I loved high school.  It's also no secret that most of my closest friends are from high school (and way before!)  Besides from running track in high school, I was also heavily involved in other extra-curriculars like Student Council, SADD, Peer Leadership, National Honor Society and of course, my Class Executive Board.  I was voted Class Vice President as a Sophomore and stayed in that position for three years.  When you graduate as a class officer, it means you get to plan the reunion.  Curse for some people but really fun for me!  It's probably also no secret that I'm extremely organized and LOVE planning events.  We had over 200 people in our class and over 100 came out for our five year.  For our Ten year, I was hoping to get at least 100 people. Let's just say we killed that number.
I was hesitant to post about this event on the blog since it has nothing to do with running or food, but maybe it will help some of you who may have to plan future events?  Or maybe the Boston peeps may be interested in where we hosted it? Or maybe I just wanted to tell you all how much fun I had!

We had our 10 year Reunion at The Greatest Bar in the North End area, near the Garden (basically across the street from where the Celtics play for all you non-Bostonians).  The event was the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
To get the word out, I created a website using My Event. On this site I was able to link the class bank account through paypal so people could pay online.  If you are planning an event or a fundraiser, this site is awesome.  For the three months before, we (myself and the Class pres) emailed the site around to our class.  Having facebook helps a lot, we got tons of email addresses that way!
Class President Teigan and Me, Class VP
 We gave people the option to either pay online or pay at the door.  At the door was $10 more.  The costs included Admission, 1 hour Open Bar (beer, wine and well liquor), appetizers and what we advertised as a "special surprise."* More on that later!*

We ended up having over 115 show up to the event.  About 40 people paid at the door.  I had my ticket girls work the door.  My ticket girls are the class pres and vp from the class below me, Ori and Jill.  Ori, also happens to be my MOH.
They had a list with everyone's name of on it, highlighted yellow if they paid ahead.  Once the were checked off the list, the girls gave them a green arm band. Those arm bands are what served as identification for the Open Bar. The event started at 8 and Open Bar was from 8:30-9:30.  By 8:30, the party was packed.  We had the first and second floor of the bar.  And I played the Senior Video I made in HS on the big screen.
My HS girlies
BFF Courtney and me
Running Partner Nancy
*The surprise was a Photo Booth that we rented through City Party Booth.  They WERE AWESOME.  It only cost $500 for 2.5 hours, unlimited pictures.  They gave out a printed picture at the event and sent me a DVD with all the pictures that I loaded onto facebook. They were BY FAR the cheapest option we found and they really did such a great job.
All in all, it was such a fun night.  If you are interested in costs or planning of this event, email me!


  1. Fun! Look at you Miss Popular!!!

  2. Looks like a fun night. Congrats on the succesful event!

  3. That looks like much more fun than my H.S. 10 year reunion this past summer!I've heard of that bar in Boston but never been. Glad you had a fun time :)

  4. o don't remind me, my 10 year is soon! eek! But waht a fun way to celebrate great memories. Cheers to being fit and happy, eh?!

  5. I was a crazy involved high school student, too! I'm already looking forward to our 10 year reunion. High school days were sooo much fun! Nice job planning such a successful event!

  6. Sadly I missed both my 5 and 10 year reunions. :( Maybe I'll make it to #15!