Sunday, April 17, 2011

Boston Marathon Blogger Pre-Party!!

Thanks so much to Emily, Kimmy and Tina- I "borrowed" some of your photos!

Yesterday, Kimmy and I threw a Running Blogger Meet-Up at Cambridge 1 in Fenway.
 Awhile ago, my friend Kimmy and I decided we wanted to plan a blogger meet-up Marathon weekend. Back when we started planning, I was going to be a spectator so I was going to have plenty of time to help organize.  Then I got a number and things certainly shifted.

Kim and I planned the party together but she certainly took the lead in the last few weeks and I couldn't be more thankful. (You are the best swimmy, love you xo) The party ended up being a huge success and it was so much fun hanging out with so many running bloggers from all over the country who share the same interests as me! Held at Cambridge 1 in the Fenway area of Boston, bloggers took over half the restaurant around 2pm.
 I had so much fun hanging out with bloggers from all over the country!
 And of course it's always fun to hang out with my on-the-run girls!
 I've become super close with the girls below and it's so awesome to have such close friends who share the same passion for running!
Emily (sweatonceaday), Lauren (healthontherun), Bekah (runtrackmind), Corey (runnerscookie), Becky (beckontherun), and me!
 Cambridge, 1 generously provided pizzas and they were delicious.  A variety of vegetarian and meat pizzas that were perfect for our group.

 And Swimmy made cupcakes.  She is soooo impressive!!! She made cookie dough and peanut butter cupcakes and they were DELICIOUS!  I think I ate three!  I think having a dinner/cupcake party is necessary in the NEAR future.
Delicious, right Emily?

And a big highlight of the night was our goody bags and raffle.  Kim and I used some contacts we had to pull together a great goodie bag.  We also blindly contacted some companies who were more than happy to help out!
 Inside the bags were various coupons from:
B Good, Bolocco, Ibex, City Sports, South End Athletic Company, CEP Compression Sleeves and Socks as well as New Balance running socks, Ibex hats, Nuun Water Bottles and samples, Justin's Nut Butter and Pretzel Crisps!
And we also had some AMAZING giveaways! We gave away EIGHT pairs of New Balance Minumus shoes AND 3 Giftcards- TWO to SEAC and ONE to City Sports.  We had everyone put there name in a bucket and we randomly selected.
 All the giveaways were pretty amazing and we feel pretty lucky that our sponsors were so generous!
 Emily and Kate were pretty excited to win the SEAC giftcard.  SEAC is an amazing store run by two awesome guys- Justin and Dan who ran track with my brother at BC.  If you are in Boston, you should totally check out the store : )
And the girls loved their Ibex hats!
Overall, it was a SUPER fun event.  I loved meeting so many other running bloggers!  I hope we can do more events like this in the future! 

Thanks so much to our sponsors and to everyone who made this event so special : )

So because I love the running blog community so much tell me this:
What's your favorite running blog or blogs?
And your favorite running clothes/shoe brand?

Look for me tomorrow, I'll be in GREEN! I'm READY to rock this : ) Stay calm and carry on!


  1. Awww I love this & wish I was in Boston right now! So much excitement happening! I have a million favorite running blogs and MOST of them are written by the lovely ladies in this post! As for shoes, I'm a Brooks girl.

    SO excited for all of you running AND spectating the marathon tomorrow. You're going to be amazing!

  2. Great party, Lizzy! You and Kimmy did an excellent job! Everyone had a great time and the prizes were awesome. I'm so glad we all got to have some pre-marathon fun.

    I have lots of favorite running blogs (I'm pretty sure you linked to most of them in this post!) and lots of favorite brands. I must say, I am loyal to Brooks...and I never leave home without my trusty Camelbak!

    See you at Mile 20!

  3. Sounds like so much fun! I like lots of the running blogs that you mentioned.

    As for brands, I wear Brooks shoes, am loyal to GU and Sport Beans and use a Nathan handheld water bottle. Oh, plus a Sweaty Band for my hair.

  4. Looks like so much fun! I wish everyone who is racing all the luck in the world tomorrow!!!

  5. What a great event! I'm sure it helped get you all pumped for tomorrow! Good luck!!!!!

  6. I had such a great time!! I cannot wait for you to have this experience tomorrow and share it with you. You are going to surprise yourself, I know it.

  7. I'm sad I missed this :( I forgot to tell you that I had a "try-out" for teaching Group Ex at Sports Club LA for over 3 hours... I will be looking out for you tomorrow! Good LUCK!!!

  8. what a great event. such a nice running support system going on! good luck tomorrow. have fun!

  9. YAYYY! Love this post! SO FUN!!!! :) GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!!!!

  10. Looks like such a fun meet-up Lizzy! You really know how to throw a party :)
    GOOD LUCK! You can do this, and you will do it awesome! So excited for you!

  11. Now that sounds like a really fun time! :-) Good luck running the marathon!

  12. I am SO SAD I didn't make it to this on Saturday!!!! BAH. It looks amazing and hopefully we can catch up next time I am in town. You guys hosted a faaabulous event!!

  13. Looks like so much fun!
    Gorgeous pic of you, Liz!

    Hope today went well!!!

  14. That looks both yummy and fun... I am so behind on blog posts... catching up as fast as I can!!!

  15. The race sounds so great, thanks for sharing. Congratulations for a great job well done and looking forward always. Love those pics too.