Sunday, April 10, 2011

Last Run + Runner Bloggers!

First, thanks SO much for all your mantras from my last post.  If you think of more, keep them coming!  I love the one Liz posted- "Someday I will not be able to do this, TODAY is not that day."
 Yesterday, I left the house around 7:30am to head to my brothers to get my last long run done before the marathon.  My brother lives around Mile 23 on Beacon Street so my plan was to run down Beacon to the end, take a right on 16 and then a right on Comm Ave and run all the hills.  It's been awhile since I did this run and I wanted to make sure I could do it before the big day.  I slept horribly Friday night but the run actually made my sickness better!  I've been sniffling and coughing a lot less lately : ) I'm not a 100% over my sickness, but I hope I will be in a week!

The run was good.  It wasn't great, it wasn't horrible.  The plan was to run 8 miles by myself, then meet my brother for the remaining five.  I felt pretty negative on my own.  Well actually I went back and forth between feeling great and feeling miserable.  When I met up with my brother, I felt better, even though my mile splits had slowed- the hills were killer! They are all pretty short (~.35) though so I just have to repeat to myself "what goes up, most come down."

13 miles-- 2:05
Mile 1: 8:40, Mile 2: 9:09, Mile 3: 9:31, Mile 4: 9:19, Mile 5: 9:17, Mile 6: 9:34, Mile 7: 9:14, Mile 8: 9:59 (Hill #1) + a random Corey sighting!, Mile 9: 9:45, Mile 10: 10:53 (heartbreak), Mile 11: 9:47, Mile 12: 9:31, Mile 13: 11:04 (I walked for a few here).

I feel more ready for Boston after this run.  But it still makes me believe that running is really really hard for me.  I love the challenge and thats why I keep coming back for more but I don't think I will be able to run a marathon "for fun."  Fun and marathon doesn't really belong in the same sentence to me.  BUT, I am going to TRY to enjoy it.  Especially because I've lived on the course my whole life (aside from college) and I run on the early and middle parts of this route all year long.  I can do this!  And I will.

After showering at my bro's, I headed into work for a bit until I met up with my favorite running girls!  Via twitter we found out Emily was in town so we decided to all meet up for a late lunch! We took the long walk to the North End and got a picture at the Waterfront.  It was a GORGEOUS Boston day!
 Emily, Kimmy, Lauren, Becky, me and Corey.  I love these girls!  I feel so blessed that I've met such awesome girls through my blog!  We have so much fun together!
 Then we walked to Antico Forno.  We went here after our department Biggest Loser competition so I knew the food was good! (Old school blog post from way back!)
 Corey and I split a salad for an appetizer.
 And for lunch, I got this pizza.  I had no idea it was going to be four pizzas in one!  I think the other girls were jealous.  I ate about half and the other half is in the fridge at work just waiting for me!
 Lauren and Becky got the Spinach pizza.  I was jealous at first and then I saw I got it too : )
 After lunch we headed for some sweets.  Mike's Pastry's and Modern had insane lines so we opted to hit up Lyndell's instead.  Hit the spot!

I had a really great day with the girls and I can't wait until next weekend!  So excited to meet several more running bloggers at the Marathon Blogger Party : )

I went back to the office for a bit until bff Courtney called and convinced to meet her for drinks.  Yep, I was out for a few hours and then had to go back to work for a bit.  Oops!  That was not the plan, but it was a fun day.
I've now spent 80% of the day in bed.  But thats what I'm supposed to do a week before a marathon.  REST.  Right?

Hope everyone had a wonderful week.  Countdown is on.  1 WEEK, 1 DAY until BOSTON!

***Also, please email me if you want to come to the Boston Marathon Blogger Meet Up Pre Party at Cambridge, 1!***


  1. Pizza looks awesome! Rest up! Good luck next week!

  2. Pizza looks delish! Last long run--exciting! What day is the pre party??

  3. First, Great run. Second, the waterfront looks beautiful. Third, the food looks tasty.

  4. I had such a fun day yesterday! I love that I've met such wonderful running blogging friends....who make me feel less crazy by sharing my opinions on some very important things ;)

    Rest up this week!! You are a strong runner and you WILL be able to do this!! I'm so excited for next weekend. I'm glad I get to share in some of the marathon excitement, even if I'm not running.

    And I love the group picture! Came out so cute!

  5. that pizza looks amazing!! I can't believe Boston is one week away - so excited :)

  6. Fabulous day yesterday! It blows my mind that we all just met. It really feels like we've known each other for so long. I love it!

    I am getting so excited for you. I know it all happened so fast, but you are ready for this race. Running through your hometown will be amazing! I'm really looking forward to next weekend.

  7. Yay for Boston! You will be amazing! You've run heartbreak so much it seems! (especially compared to my one time haha)

    I'm totally going to stalk you ladies sometime once I'm fully moved into my apt! :)

    Hope you are enjoying the rest of taper!!

  8. Lizzy, I am so excited for you! I'm so happy you are getting your wish (even though it was very unexpected) and you're running Boston! You've done such a great job lately and I KNOW that will continue throughout Boston! Get extra rest this week, don't work too late this week! I can't wait for you, this is SO EXCITING!!

  9. You're going to rock that race. Rest up.

    The pizza looks fantastic!

  10. Lizzy I think at this point you definitely need to focus on enjoying the marathon in a week. You are a very, very strong runner and your mentality needs to match! Marathons are difficult, but that's also why it feels so awesome to finish one. You are totally ready for this, and with 1 week away its time to remove the pressure and focus on resting!
    I'm sure we'll be discussing race strategies over gchat this week :)
    It was so fun to see you on Saturday (both during the run and at lunch!) I have a feeling we'll be doing a lot more lunches/runs over the summer!

  11. One week! Good luck - you'll tear it up :)

  12. rest up this week! i'm not running, but i'll be around the 10k water stop :)

  13. Glad you liked the quote! I know what you mean about running never being easy. A lot of my non-runner friends assume that it must be easy for me since I do long distance/races, but it is always a challenge.
    You are going to do amazing next week! I wish I could be there to cheer you on, but rest assured I will be sending you good thoughts all day.

  14. i can confirm that the other girls were jealous.

    SO much fun hanging with you girls this weekend! i want to be part of the new england running (and food) blogging crew. you ladies are the

    see you SATURDAY!!

  15. Beautiful pics of you and other runner bloggers Liz!! How fun to prepare for Boston on the actua course! So excitin!! Can't wait to cheer on all you talented runners! Yes! Have a fun mary!!!

  16. I'm SO excited to see how you do next week! My dad used to run Boston every year, and I miss not getting out there to see the race every April. Just enjoy yourself, you'll do great!

  17. First, great job on the run! Second, looks so fun and I think we should all be BFFs ;)

    See ya soon!

  18. Aww so much fun! Yesterday was a beautiful day! That pizza looks delish! See you in Boston SOON