Sunday, January 23, 2011

Races, Long Run and Weekly Workout Recap

This post was going to be about my amazing long run with Becky along the Boston Marathon route.  But, at 7:30am, I checked my phone to find that it was 11 degrees outside.  Not only that, but no sidewalks have been cleared near me and if we did run, we'd have to run single file.  Sooo... Becky and I called it quits and decided to hit the treadmill instead. I sat on the couch for awhile updating some pages on my blog before I finally got ready for the gym.  I now have a Races and PR Page as well as a page that shows all my Training in 2010. I also have a 2011 Training Page that I will update at the end of each month (hence why there is nothing there yet!)

Around 12, I drove to my gym.  Its quite a hike for me to get to (I usually work out  in Boston) so I try to only go on the weekends when I'm desparate and can't run outside.  I grabbed a few magazines and got moving. I started at 6.3mph at 1.0 incline and gradually went up each mile.  My goal was to run 10-11 miles.  The first few miles felt easy.  At 6.25, my treadmill stopped and I contemplating quitting as well.  But I reset it and just kept moving forward.  I love the treadmill for speed and tempos, but it was challenging today.  There was nothing good on TV and even reading two magazines (Entertainment Weekly, Us Weekly) didn't entertain me long enough.  I went through two bottles of water and a bag of jellies but I finished.  10 miles in 1:35. 9:30 pace. 

I have this goal of breaking 1:50 in my halves coming up but I'm not sure how realistic that is.  I keep thinking that maybe on race day I will pull out something amazing.  I mean, Runners World always talks about how you should run 1-2 minutes slower during long runs.  (Which by the way, makes zero sense to me... why would I run at 10:30 pace if I want to compete at 8:30?!?!) Anyway... the next month will really help me evaluate my goals for my upcoming races.  What upcoming races you ask?  Check these out!

Super Sunday 10K (Boston)
Sunday February 6th

Old Fashioned 10 Miler (Foxboro)
Sunday February 20th

The Hyannis Half Marathon
Sunday February 27
Black Cat 10 Miler (Salem)
Sunday March 6th

Ras na HEireann St. Pattys 5K
Sunday March 13

and finally...
the National Half Marathon in DC!
Saturday March 26th

Its funny but I always run more races in the Winter then any other season! Hope to see lots of you guys at these races : )

After the gym, I checked out a local running store that I found on my phone: PR Running. It was a pretty awesome store and had everything that more well known stores have (like Marathon Sports).  I was super impressed and will definitely be back again.  Anyway, I bought my 2150s which are on sale now because the Ascics 2160s recently came out.  So I got these shoes for $77 bucks!  Score!
I also bought The Stick.  This thing is amazing- much better than the foam roller.  I love it- I'm obsessed!  And I got the best socks in the world if you are known to get blisters... Experia Padded Socks by Thorlo.  They are soooo worth the $14 price tag.  I just wished I knew before I ruined my feet in cotton socks in my first marathon.  Oops!

And here is the Weekly Recap of Workouts:
Monday 1/17: 
Day Off
Tuesday 1/18:
Speed Workout, 6 miles, 58 minutes, 5X1000 with 400 rest 7.0-8.2mph
Wednesday 1/19: 
Physical Therapy
6 min eliptical, 30 min electric stim (hip, ankle, ice) Lifted Legs, everything 3X10- Ski Slope, Hip Up, Kick Out, Ankle Out, Hip Sled
Thursday 1/20:
Lunch Workout: 5 miles 45:45, 1 mile warmup, 2 miles at 8:13, 400 rest, 1 mile at 8 min, .75 cooldown
Friday 1/21:
15 min eliptical, 1.25 ( Crossramp 10, Resistance 10)
Abs: Ball- Back Extension 3X10, Ball Plank Tuck Knee 3X10, Basic Crunch on Ball 3X10, Throw Ball Machine 3X10, Planks 3X:30, Superman 5X:15, Bent Knee Up 3X10
Biceps/Triceps: Standing Cable Curl 3X10, High Cable Curl 3X10, Supinating Dumbbell Curl 3X10, Incline Alternating Dumbell Curl, Bench Dip, Hammer Curl, Standing Cable Curl, Straight Bar Pressdown
Saturday 1/22:
Rest Day
Sunday 1/23:
10 Miles treadmill, 1:35, 9:30 pace, 1.0 incline
Total: 3 days running, 21 miles, 2 Days of Lifting/Cross Training, 1 Day of PT, 2 Day off
 Biggest Loser update- down 1 pound and .5% Body Fat. 

How was your week of workouts?


  1. Nice job on the treadmill, it is so much harder without good entertainment. I went outside yesterday and the roads were pretty sloshy and gross in parts, but I just needed a break from the indoor running.
    I agree with you on the long run thing...2 minutes slower for the whole run doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I usually do 1-1.5 minutes per mile slower, then the last 2-4 miles try to pick it up to my marathon pace. Then again, I think when I trained and qualified for Boston I did the slow long run thing, and did 1 tempo run, 1 speed workout and 1 marathon pace run every week. Who knows, but I think your goal is still definitely attainable.
    I had a pretty good workout week - wondering how long I can keep up this treadmill stuff though. Apparently we might get more rain/snow Weds??!

  2. Wow, great job on the treadmill. It must've been tedious. You're very dedicated!

  3. PR Running is my favorite running store! They are super knowledgeable and the best shoe-fitters around! Doesnt hurt that they had Mario Fraioli as the manager for a long time!

    I am thinking of doing a blog meet-up at Hyannis, it looks like a lot of us Boston/Central MA Bloggers will be there!!

  4. PR Running is my favorite running store! This day did not go according to plan! I missed running with you. Luckily, we both managed on the 'mill.

    While I was running today, I thought about breaking 1:50. I'm going to need some serious adrenaline to pull out those paces..but I'm not counting us out just yet!

  5. I'm doing the National Half (along with half of the blogworld, it seems!). Can't wait!

  6. wow - 10 miles on the mill! Props to you. I'm dreading doing 6 tomorrow morning, since it will be like negative 10 out. Ew.

    Hooray for a lot of fun races! I think you can totally break 1:50 in the half - you have a lot of races to prepare you for it and have been doing great speedwork. Love having lots of races to look forward to

  7. Derek got The Stick for Christmas! He loves it, too!

  8. I agree, 10 miles on the treadmill is really tough to do. Easier to go faster than on flat road but harder to not fall asleep! In triathlon training I spend a lot of time on the bike trainer (my bike made stationery in my basement) which is equally boring - Today I did 60 min bike + 30 min run - all indoors. Snooooore.....

    Anyway, the real reason I am posting - I will see you again at the OFTM in Foxboro! I was also considering the Black Cat 10-miler so it's good to know someone I know is running it. :)

    Oh and one more thing - Last year George and I BOTH got each other The Stick for Christmas - LOL!

    Good job on your workouts - especially Thursday!

  9. Dedication to the treadmill is the theme of this New England winter. Sorry your plans did not work out with Becky, but glad you were able to get the mileage in to keep up with all those races you have planned. How fun! Oh, and I am so tempted with the Ras na HEireann St. Pattys 5K. What is an Irish girl to do? ;)

  10. Does your treadmill automatically reset in an hour?? That's what they do at my gym and I absolutely hate it! Once I swear I found a treadmill that let me run for 15 miles without stopping, but now they all seem to just reset on their own, even if you set it for a certain distance (like I did today).

    Anyway, congrats on making it through!! Sometimes getting your runs in is just about testing your willpower. And the tough runs are what make those great ones even better.

    I don't know how I feel about Runner's World's strategy of running so much slower than goal pace. I think that's okay on recovery runs, but honestly, how are you supposed to run a certain pace on race day if you've never actually practiced running that pace?? Obviously the endorphins and race environment will have some impact, but I think when you're training for a longer race, it's really important to run close to your goal pace -- the excitement of the race isn't going to carry you the whole way. I've found that it helps me do better at races if I do long runs at/near goal pace.

    Finally, to end this long comment, I didn't know you were also going to do the Black Cat race! I'm excited for all the races we'll be doing together this winter/spring :)

  11. I'm jealous of people that have the ability to read on the treadmill. I feel like I have to look straight ahead or I'll trip and fall.

    I'm following a Runner's World plan too and their speed confuses me, especially the shorter one. I kind of get running my long run at 11 something, but why are they having me run a 2 mile run at the same pace? I always ignore that.

  12. Hi Lizzy!

    So random story but Saturday I was at a blogger cookie swap and chatting with Cara from Caras Cravings (we had already established previously that we both went to Framingham), and somehow you came up because she asked if I ever had your mom as a teacher (of course I did!) and then I put 2 and 2 together to realize who you were... So we used to work together at Gap Kids in high school! This is Bridget (formerly Wickes, now Myers), not sure if you remember me...I look a lot different than in H.S. (curly hair, used to be a bit heavier haha) But I wanted to say hi and how ironic that we are both bloggers! And now I look forward to reading your blog more now!! :)

  13. You have such a fun upcoming race calendar! I really hope you meet your PRs! I kind of figure you will ;)

    I can't wait to run with you at National!