CSA 2010

In 2010 I joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) which is (according to my farm
"a collection of consumers that agree to purchase products from a local farm (or group of farms) throughout a season.  Members purchase a “share” of the farm and each week go to the farm to pick-up or, have the product delivered to their town.  It is a creative way to eat locally and reduce your carbon footing! For the duration of the growing season, you know the farmer that is providing your fruits and vegetables, and how they are being produced!"

My farm is Silverbrook Farm and they partner with 6 other farms. Silverbrook is in Dartmouth, MA.  Heres the list of the other 6.
•Allen's Neck Farm - Certified Organic  • Eva's Garden - Certified Organic  • Sylvan Nursery - Sustainably grown fruits and vegetables. (See home page for definition.)  • The King Farm - Sustainably grown vegetables  • Matte's Orchards - Conventional Fruits and Vegetables   • Hillside Farm - Conventional Corn Grower (Organically grown corn will have a worm on every cob.  Does not use GMO seed.)

Here is a Recap of my CSA in Summer 2010.
Week 1
 Highlights- Pea Dumplings and Salad in a Glass
Week 2 & 3
 Highlights- Kohlrabi Pie and Green Beans
Week 4
 Highlights- Super Veggie Pizza
Week 5
 Highlights- Corn Chowder

Week 6
 Highlights- Peach Blueberry Cake

Week 7
 Highlights- Vegetable Crepes

Week 8
 Highlights- Vegetable Torte
 Week 9
 Highlights- Stuffed Tomatoes and Arugula Corn Salad
Week 10
 Highlights- Grilled Corn and Panzanella Salad & Butternut Squash Kale Bechemel Pizza
Week 11
 Highlights- Stuffed Zuchinni Boats with Spaghetti Squash

Week 12 & 13
 Highlights- Asian Tofu Tacos
Weekend 14 & 15
 Highlights- Vegetable Lasagna
Week 16
 Highlights: Eggplant Lasagna & Butternut Squash Risotto

Week 17 & Week 18
 Highlights- "Meathball" Subs (really eggplant)
 Stuffed Acorn Squash

 So in conclusion, joining a CSA in Summer 2010 was an amazing experience.  There's nothing like fresh, local ingredients.  Due to my CSA I was more creative in the kitchen and learned to love vegetarian or mostly vegetarian meals!  I HIGHLY suggest joining a CSA this year.  My farm (Silverbrook) is the best because you can pick up right in Boston!!!