Monday, May 28, 2012

Turning 30 and a GIVEAWAY

Lots of stuff happened over the last couple months while I was pregnant with Dylan that I didn't blog about. The two biggest things were that I turned 30 and this Blog Turned 3!!! At the bottom of this post, check out my giveaway! 

But first, inspired by Joy the Baker, I wrote about 30 things I've learned in my 30 years. So here is some of my knowledge for you!

1. Intern. A lot. Learn as much as you can about what you want to do for the rest of your life. It's ok to be broke in college. It's not ok to graduate with no intern experience. I think I  worked a year of my life for free and it was worth it.

2. Travel abroad before you turn thirty. Preferably in college.

3. Drive cross country. It's life changing.

4. Learn how to look good in a photo. It's not about being photogenic. I think that's bs. It's about learning how to rock your good side. Practice in the mirror.

5. On the same note, learn how to take an amazing photograph. It's not just about the kind of camera you have. It's about composition and subject. Also learn to color correct a photo.  You don't need photoshop.  There are plenty of free apps!

6. Eye contact is so important. None of this half looking in someone's eyes or looking over someone while talking.

7. Same note, learn how to kick ass at an interview. Making a good first impression is really important.

8. Learn how to give a good hug. A hug with meaning behind it.

9. Remember that it's better to be talked about than not talked about. Everyone talks about people. Learn to do it tastefully and without hurting people.

10. A positive attitude will get you through most things in life. And humor will make life more fun.  Always remember to laugh.  Especially at yourself.
11. Have at least one go to meal you can make that doesn't involve frozen food or the microwave.

12. Learn to love leftovers. They can be lifesavers.

13. Eat protein at {just about} every meal, along with veggies.

14. Boiled and steamed vegetables are the devil. Roasted and grilled is where its at.

15. Embrace tears. Crying shouldn't be seen as a bad thing. Everyone needs a good cry sometimes.

16. Planning your future is impossible, learn to live in the moment.

17. Planning childbirth is ridiculous. It's important to be educated. But realize there is only one person whose in charge of your birth...and he can't talk.

18. Learn how to give and receive a compliment. This is major. When someone says I love whatever..say thank you. Don't put yourself down.

19. Women in the workplace should support each other more. Never miss an opportunity to help another women's growth. Being a mentor slash having a mentor is so important. 

20. Eventually you need to learn when to put your pen down. When to be satisfied with where you're at and what you have.

21. The best reality tv advice I ever got was "eventually you need to stop looking." Randy on Say Yes to the Dress said this. This applies in relationships especially.

22. Wishing at 11:11 will only get you so far. Sometimes you just gotta take what life hands you.

23. Be in a partnership. Have certain tasks that you do versus your husband/significant other. You need to work for your marriage/relationships. Too many people give up too soon. When you're in a really solid relationship, you should view it as if there is no way out. Which means when there are issues, you work together to fix things.

24. If you're going to show up early, please call first. Ditto with being late.

25. Learn to be a friend. Support each other when you need it. But also learn when to walk away from a friendship when theres nothing left to give. Thirty is too old to have meaningless friendships.

26. Remember that your siblings were your first friends. Stay close. They are the best link to your past and greatest link to your future.

27. Your bond with your mom grows stronger with age.

28. Learn to be immature and mature at the same time. When to act like a little kid and when to be a grown up.

29. Don't be afraid of drama or controversy. Sometimes you need to stand up to people and put people in their place. Same note, you are never too old to learn from people.

30. Life is full of choices. Be happy with the ones you've made. Don't look back and ponder "what if."

Hope you've enjoyed my list. I've grown quite philosophical  in my old age! HA

Now on to my giveaway! I'm giving away my favorite running OR food related items, since after all, this is a Food and Running blog!
So here we go:
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To enter, leave a comment and tell me the most important thing you've learned so far in your life. Or if that's too deep, Tell me a valuable lesson. Tell me something.

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Okay, and because I can't resist, one more baby Dylan picture that I snapped on my phone during a newborn photo shoot!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baby Dylan's Arrival!

Welcome to the world Dylan Jack!!!!

On May 15th at 5:37 pm, we welcomed our gorgeous baby Dylan Jack. 
He weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces and was 20.5 inches long.

Labor and delivery was one of the hardest things I've ever experienced but easily the most rewarding. I am still in such awe and shock that a baby this adorable was inside me for 9+ months. And I mean +. 
This is what I looked like on Mother's Day, hours before I felt my first contraction. 

As most of you probably heard from me complaining on twitter, baby Dylan was ten days late.  Yes, TEN days. I spent those ten days wishing on painful contractions because I wanted the baby to come sooo bad. (Who wishes pain to come?) If I didn't go into labor on my own, I was going to get induced on Tuesday May 15th, something I really didn't want. I was worried my "natural" plans wouldn't go accordingly (hint, it didn't- just in case you're unaware, its absolutely impossible to plan childbirth, but hey, I tried). I was worried because on Thursday May 9th, six days into my fortieth week, I had a biophysical ultrasound where I was told our baby could be give or take NINE POUNDS, FIVE OUNCES.  Which meant either way you look at it, I was going to have a big BABY.

I worried about my labor.  I worried about being induced.  
And in the end, I went into labor on my own at 8am Monday morning (May 14th). 
 33 hours later Dylan was born and we couldn't be more in love...
 My smiling little peanut...

... and sleeping beauty...

 Welcome home Dylan Jack!
Thanks for all the well wishes, we are so happy to have Dylan in our lives : )

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Recipe Organization, Meal Prep and Maternity Photos!

This is a THREE part post...


I want to talk about a new project I hope to continue working on during my maternity leave....

A Recipe Binder!  Organized by Appetizers, Soups, Main Meals- Vegetarian, Fish and Meat, Desserts and Breakfasts.  All organized via season or month in a binder.

So what am I talking about?

Well, I'm a self-admitted magazine hoarder.  I was subscribing to FIVE cooking magazines and over the years I've gathered quite the stock pile.  And I've kept them all right next to the bath since I've been taking numerous relaxing tubs throughout this pregnancy.
But... Dave has threatened to throw them all away if I don't get organizing.  And he's serious.

You see, I used to keep {every} wedding invitation, shower invitation, baby announcement, baby shower invitation, etc on the side of our fridge.  Needless to say in the five years we've been in our house, our fridge was a mess.  Dave kept saying he was going to toss them all and I never took him serious.  Then one day, BOOM.  All that was left on our side fridge was the current, up to date invites.  And although I was sad at first, I've realized how nice it looks now and how great it is to actually be ABLE to FIND the current invites!

So before he tosses all my magazines out the window, I'm getting organized.  This could take me awhile, but I'm determined.
So I'm ripping pages out of magazines and grouping them into piles and then tossing the magazines.  It's a work in progress and I hope to finish by August.  Wish me luck... I'll keep you posted on my binders!

Anyone else ever set out on a project like this?  Any success?  


 I'm going to have a baby soon. Hopefully like within the next few days SOON.  I'm 39 weeks, 4 days... but whose counting?

Anyway,  I will no longer have time to plan menus and cook meals.  So, on Marathon Monday I cooked my little face off. I did a ton of research on what would freeze well and I decided on Baked Ziti with Chicken Sausage (Annie Eats), Tex Mex Beef Enchiladas (Martha), Lasagna with Eggplant Ricotta (basic lasagna with roasted eggplant), and Turkey Manicotti with a Boursin Cream Sauce (Rachael Ray).
All of these meals are currently wrapped in foil and placed in freezer bags and in the freezer, waiting to be eaten once the little on arrives.


Sometime last week, I read HTP's post on her maternity photo shoot and I thought to myself... oh shit, I should do that too.  Knowing I was running out of time, I spent an evening pinning Maternity Photo inspiration.  I came up with these shots- mostly taken from pinterest....
 I knew I had a pretty amazing camera and we live near some awesome State Parks so I just needed someone willing to take the pictures.  I knew my mom would do it, but I wasn't sure she could do it.  In a random gchat session with Meg, I sent her these photos and asked her if she was around for an hour or two on Saturday.  She was eager even though she had never picked up a Canon Rebel T2i.  We met at Hopkinton State Park Saturday morning, I gave her a quick rundown of how to use the camera and we were off! I'm insanely impressed with how well these turned out and I'm psyched that we now have some fabulous photos to remember how big I once (still) am!  Check out my favorites in collage form! Thank you so much Meg!!!!

I definitely realize I owe Meg A LOT!  I promise Meg I will do the same for you someday!

*So this will probably be my last post for awhile since I could go into labor at any moment.*
Wish me luck : )