Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Long Day X4

Forth day in a week I've been at work longer than 10 hours. I'm getting exhausted! But I love being busy. I think I've gotten pretty good at multitasking and juggling multiple projects at once. I worked on six different clients today and 8 different projects. For breakfast, I had a piece of toast with "I can't Believe it's not butter" and some coffee with my hazelnut coffee creamer. Around 11, I ate one of those trader Joe's bars. For lunch, a few of us were taken out for sushi to thank us for a video project we did back in December. The project was fun, but had a tight turn around that ended up making us work on days between Christmas and New Years that other employees had off. It was really nice that we were invited to lunch! We went to Sakurbana in the Financial District. We shared a bunch of sushi and I got a salad to start. I had eaten most of it before I remembered to take the picture!

Here is the sushi!

Stayed at work until 7ish and then took the T to meet Dave at school so we could drive home together. We got home around 8 and I was very excited to make a real dinner. I haven't cooked since Saturday! I decided to make Chicken Tenders coated in Walnuts that I chopped up in my food processor. So I drenched the chicken in flour, then in egg-whites and then in chopped walnuts mixed with salt and pepper and Italian Seasoning. Here's the assembly line:

I then cooked the chicken in a saute pan before transferring them into the oven to finish cooking.

While the chicken was cooking, I made aspargus. I sauteed it in a pan with a tiny bit of Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper and Lemon Juice. I also boiled some water and peeled my Yukon Potatoes to make Mashed Potatoes. When my pototoes were done cooking and ready to mash, I drained them and put them back in the same pot. I added a little light cream, spinach, soy mozerella cheese, parmasian cheese and salt and pepper and I mashed the potatoes which is by far one of my favorite activities in the kitchen! I also made Pea Puree. I saw this side/sauce in my Women's Health magazine and since Dave LOVES peas, I thought it sounded interesting. I used frozen peas and steamed them. Once slightly cool, I added them to the food processor with a little bit of ginger and a lot of water. This was a nice addition to the dish. Here's how the whole thing turned out on the plate!

After dinner, I started laundry and dreaded the dishes. Here's how bad they were after cooking this meal:

At half-time of the Celtics game (we DVR'd it), Dave and I did the dishes together. He washed, I dried. And now its about that time! Either I watch Damages or go to bed. I should go to bed but I have a feeling I'll be up for awhile.

Happy Almost Thursday! and no workout today again. I am going tomorrow during lunch no matter what.

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