Monday, April 19, 2010

Marathon Monday!!

Last night my family went to my mothers house for an early celebration of my birthday (did I mention my birthday is tomorrow?).  My mom made an amazing dinner starting with Leek & Red Pepper Soup. 
For the main dish, she made my favorite- Stuffed Sole. 
I also made more Zuchinni Noodles.  See my yummy plate!
 The most fun part of the night was having my first cousin's baby come over to celebrate.  
She is just starting to walk and is sooo adorable!  I love spending time with Michele (my cuz) and Baby Zoe!

Michele's birthday is Wednesday so we were able to celebrate together.  The hubs got me my signature Cookie Cake!  I love Cookie Cake!
 I stayed at my brothers house last night so we could wake up and run early before the Marathon started.  Mike and I have been running on the course before the race starts the last couple years.  Last year we ran in Natick and this year we ran from Brookline to Newton to Chestnut Hill to Brighton and back to Brookline.  If your familiar with these areas and know the course, this means we ran the insane hills in Newton.  I would definitely have to say the worst hill is the definitely the first.  Its like 3 quarters of a mile long.  Heartbreak is steep, but short.  It was fun running on the course way before any other runners and it was nice seeing everyone set up (water stations etc.)  I finally was able to turn off the Auto-Pause so these stats include any stopping.  We stopped three times and the mile paces will reflect that.
16.50 Miles 2:38:51 9:38 pace
Mile 1: 8:45
Mile 2: 9:25
Mile 3: 9:15
Mile 4: 9:09
Mile 5: 10:07 
(trying to get gum out)
Mile 6: 9:49 
(running on trails- I always run slower on trails cuz I'm afraid I'm going to trip)
Mile 7: 9:16
Mile 8: 9:18
Mile 9: 9:13
Mile 10: 9:36
Mile 11: 10:39 
(stopped to buy water at a concession stand in between Newton Hills)
Mile 12: 9:18
Mile 13: 10:10 
Mile 14: 10:52 
(Stopped to refill water bottle at Dunkin' Donuts)
Mile 15: 9:26
Mile 16: 9:40
Mile .50: 9:46
No pain to report in my achilles.  The only thing that hurts is my back. We made it back in just enough to get ready so we could go out an watch the race.  Here is Mikey (my bro) preparing for the leaders!
Men's Leaders:
I took a ton of pictures and had a really great day.  It was perfect running weather!  I think I'm feeling more ready for my race in two weeks.  I seriously love the Boston Marathon and it totally motivated me.  I think I've missed it twice in my life and I just love seeing so many amazing runners! Congrats everyone who ran!!!!


  1. Happy birthday!

    For some reason I get a kick out of you bringing a dish from my blog to your mom's house. I hope she is doing well!

  2. hahah Cara, the world is too small. So funny : )

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! fun marathon pictures.