Monday, August 2, 2010

NYC Marathon Training Week 5

Felt great on this week.  Started the week with 8 miles mainly because I ate way too much food over the weekend.  Ran 3.5 the next day because I had time to kill after work and Gretchen was going to the gym.  Wednesday I did an awesome ladder speed workout that I loved.  I love speed workouts like this!  Took Thursday and Friday off and then ran with a crew on Saturday morning from my friend Nancy's house.  It was an awesome run and I felt great! Here are the details....

Date: Monday July 26, 7:30AM 
Route:  Treadmill
Mileage: 8 miles
Total Time: 1:12:57
Avg Pace: 9:07

Date: Tuesday July 27, 6pm
Route:  Treadmill, running next to Gretchen!
Mileage: 3.5 miles
Total Time: 30 minutes
Avg Pace

Date: Wednesday July 28, 7:30AM 
Route:  Treadmill- Speed Workout!
Mileage: 6 miles
Total Time: 54:50
Avg Pace: 9:05 pace

Details here, but awesome speed workout- loved this one! 400, 600, 800, 1200, 800, 600, 400 all with 400 rest at 5.5MPH and at 1.0 Incline

Date:Saturday July 31, 6:30AM 
Route:  Therapy
Mileage: 15.60
Total Time: 2:33:35
Avg Pace 9:48

Details:  Ran with Nancy, our friend Leslie (who I ran with last year on my first 19 miler when I fell TWICE) and Erin.  It was a party!  Erin wasn't feeling amazing on the run but we started together so we were going to finish together! I felt so good on this run, I felt like I probably could have run a 20 miler.  It didn't hurt that the weather was in the high 60s and not the high 80s.  Overall, I'm really happy with this run and am looking forward to more long runs.  I loved the route we did too.  Through my home town and into trails, around lakes, etc.  Nance and I bought water at mile 4 and carried the water with us then refilled at Mile 10 and Mile 13.50. I really tried not to stop the watch at all so you can see the mile splits are highest when we stopped at water.  We did also stop a few times to encourage our running friend Erin who was struggling so the times are reflective. But we all have bad days so its good to be there for each other.
Mile 1: 9:38, Mile 2:9:52, Mile 3: 9:41, Mile 4: 11:35 (water stop at DD), Mile 5: 9:32, Mile 6: 9:40, Mile 7: 10:27, Mile 8: 10:28, Mile 9: 10:05, Mile 10: 11:08 (water stop), Mile 11: 9:52, Mile 12: 9:53, Mile 13: 9:47, Mile 14: 9:42, Mile 15: 10:35, .60: 8:09
Oh then after I felt so great that Nancy and I decided to Body By Jake onDemand.  Killer workout.  It was 45 minutes of circuit full-body training.  I am still SO Sore!  But I know I need to do more workouts like this.

Total Mileage for the Week: 33.10!


  1. Omg great job on the long run! You did so awesome! And then did body pump? You're so hardcore!

  2. Good job! This looks like a GREAT week of workouts!