Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Radius & Gretchen's 30th

On Friday, my friends and coworkers Gretchen, Carissa and I walked over to Radius for the famous burger.  I've heard all about this burger from Daisy on her blog. Her boyfriend Adam said "it was the best burger he's ever had." Not that I've met Adam or anything but I feel like I have through Gretchen and Daisy!  So on Friday, we walked the ten minutes to Radius and we were not disappointed one bit.
Radius is located on High Street in between Downtown Crossing and South Station.  According to their website, it "aspires to achieve perfection in atmosphere, service and hospitality." And it was.  I loved the aura of the restaurant and the service was fabulous.  The food, service and atmosphere felt effortless.
The menus... as if we had to look at this- we knew what we wanted!
The walk way.
Love the subtle hint of orange! 
And here's Gretchen, our birthday girl!  For new readers out there, Gretchen writes her own blog on healthy environmentally friendly food.  Not to mention, she's pretty much taught me everything I know about cooking. 
If I have a cooking question, I ask Gretchen. Who needs Google when you have Gretchen.  Anyway... Gretchen has been a Pescatarian (vegetarian who eats seafood) for the last 15 years.  Over the last year, she has slowly worked meat back into her diet.  But not just any meat, only grass-fed, humanely treated meat! But anyway, back to the burger.

We each ordered the burger medium rare. THE BURGER.
I told myself I was only going to eat half, but I just could NOT PUT IT DOWN. Yep, I ate this whole burger. And most of the fries.  Lets just say I didn't feel that great the rest of Friday afternoon.  But who cares about that- let's talk burger! 
It had delicious melted cheese, a spicy horseradish sauce and my favorite- crispy fried onions.  It was probably about a 1/2 pound of meat cooked perfectly medium rare on a crispy bun.  Served with the most perfect french fries.  I'm a sucker for crispy thin fries!
Can you tell how massive this thing is??
 And how did the birthday girl like it?
I think she liked it.
Yep, she did.  (Her plate, not mine).  Who would save that many fries??!
Anyway, if you're in the Boston area and want the best burger you've ever had, go to Radius.  It will not disappoint.  It has a hefty price tag ($19) but it's worth it for all the meat you get.  You won't leave hungry. 
Fast forward to Saturday and it was time to celebrate the birthday girls birthday on HER actual birthday. We headed to Delux, naturally.  Gretchen's favorite bar.
Gretchen as a cook.  That's not really a costume now is it?
One of Demane's many gifts to G.  A film pinata.  Fitting if you ask me.
Me and the birthday girl.
Birthday Cake!
Make a wish!
And our friend Lisa brought cupcakes from Kickass Cupcakes in Somerville.  They ROCKED!
I took the Almond Joy cupcake. It was one of the best cupcakes I've EVER had. I'm on an Almond Joy kick lately.  I used to hate the candy as a child and gave my mom all my Mounds and Almond Joys.  Now I'm obsessed.  I really am becoming my mom. : )
And here is Gretchen opening gifts.
It was a fun night!  Happy 30th Birthday Gretchen! XO!


  1. Looks fun! and that burger looks TO DIE FOR... I bet it would even still be good if I removed the crispy onions & bun to make it gluten free ;)

  2. I think I'll want a burger just like that following this Sunday's 26.2! NOM. When I lived in Boston I lived near where that cute bar is (it wasn't there at the time) - I love the South End!

    P.S. I'm in the same Wave/corral as you (orange, wave 2)!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful post...you are too sweet! And you're a pretty rockin cook, I certainly didn't teach you everything you know! Thanks for helping to make my 30th so special!

  4. this makes me so sad i missed everything! but I am loving all your pictures and fabulous recap and tribute to Gretchen! I am also really glad you enjoyed the burger! what an awesome 30th for her!!!

  5. Never been to this place but it looks like fun! Next time I'm craving a burger I'll have to try it :)

  6. I love a good burger! Sounds like a perfect celebration.

  7. That burger looks incredible. I keep hearing great things about it but have not gotten myself over to Radius yet. I first have to talk my fiance into having a $19 burger. Ha ha. I think it's totally worth it. (I already have to start working on a wedding budget!)