Monday, February 21, 2011

Foxboro 5K & Weekly Recap

I had a great week of running... but unfortunately didn't do much else other than run.  I really need to get better about cross training and lifting next week : ) I did an awesome speed workout on Tuesday on the treadmill and then ran outside 3X!  Ran outside along the Charles Thurs AM and ran along Comm Ave on Saturday with the intense wind. Oh, and I ran a race yesterday... read on...

Something absolutely wacky happened to me yesterday. I signed up for the Foxboro 10 Miler a long time ago.  This week I convinced my brother and friend Erin to sign up for the 5K.

Then I decided to do my long run Saturday and switch to the 5K.  Maybe the best decision of my life since I ended up winning 1st place in my age division (11th Female overall)!  And I got a Gold Plaque.
Now if you live in New England you know how shocking this is.  You pretty much can't place in any 5K unless you break 21 minutes.  I ran 24:30.  Not a bad time, but certainly not worthy of a 1st place prize.  But I'll take it!  Clearly all the super fast runners ran the 10 Miler!!! (Don't believe me... according to the results the top 3 in the 20-29 division ran under 7 minute pace for 10 Miles!!!)

While eating food during the award ceremony, my brother was announced for a second place finish in the 30-39 division.  I was jumping up and down and taking pictures of him with his plaque when they announced "And the winner of the 20-29 division for women... Liz... Co...." I was shocked!
 This is a first (and probably will be the last) so I'm going to enjoy my win for a bit longer! Totally shocking!
And I gotta tell you, I think I like 5Ks! Only 3.1 Miles?! Pretty awesome!  Here's how I did.
3.1 miles, 24:29, 7:52 pace
Mile 1: 7:39
Mile 2: 8:12
Mile 3: 7:49
.10: 7:02 pace

Oh and incase you're interested, my brother ran 18:54 which is a 6:06 minute pace.  He is sickkkkk! And my friend Erin also ran her fastest time!  It was definitely a fun day : )

 Weekly Recap of Workouts:
Monday 2/14: 
Off, Valentine's Day!
Tuesday 2/15:
Speed Workout, 7 miles (8:20 pace) 58:37
1 mile warmup- 6.2 mph, 1.0 incline
Workout- 2 sets of 6X400 with 1.5 minute rest.  2.5 minute rest in between sets
400- 1:56 (7.5mph), 400- 1:53 (7.7mph), 400- 1:51 (7.8mph), 400- 1:49 (7.9mph), 400- 1:48 (8.0 mph), 400- 1:46(8.2mph)
2.5 min rest
400- 1:46 (8.2mph), 400- 1:44 (8.4mph), 400- 1:46 (8.2mph), 400- 1:41 (8.7mph), 400- 1:36 (8.8-9.0mph), 400- 1:35 (9.0-9.3-8.9mph)
Wednesday 2/16: 
Thursday 2/17:
Ran 5 miles outside on the Charles, 46:45, 9:32 pace
Mile 1: 9:10, Mile 2: 10:12, Mile 3: 9:13, Mile 4: 9:38, Mile 5: 9:29
Friday 2/11: 
Saturday 2/18:
10.53 miles, 1:38:47, 9:23 pace
Ran outside with Leslie and Nancy, wicked wind and hills on Comm Ave
9:18, 9:26, 9:16, 9:17, 9:36, 9:24, 9:44, 8:51, 9:28, 9:45, .53-8:49
Sunday 2/19:
Foxboro 5K: 24:29, 7:52 pace, 1st place AG 20-29!

Total: 4 days running, 25.63 miles, 3 Days off
 Biggest Loser update- Down 2 pounds for the week, 9 pounds total!! Down 2% Body Fat!

What's your favorite distance?  I still think mine is a 10K but I actually really liked the 5K distance yesterday!


  1. Congrats!! Great job to you and your brother!!! :)

  2. so happy for you! what an exciting day.

  3. Congrats, Lizzy! I am so excited for you!! You have a speedy family :)

    And awesome job on the long run! I only managed 5 outside on Saturday before giving in to my treadmill-loving ways. That wind was brutal!

    I am so excited to run together this weekend!

  4. Yayy!! That's so exciting, Lizzy! Winning prizes at races is always a cool feeling :) Looks like you had a ton of fun! Haha, I can totally relate to this: "And I gotta tell you, I think I like 5Ks! Only 3.1 Miles?!" -- sometimes I wonder why in the heck I choose to run marathons. That may be changing after Boston! Glad you had a great weekend of running!

  5. SO cool!! That must of been such a wonderful feeling to hear your name called!! Awesome job!! Ok I need to email you!

  6. my fave is 21K. But after doing two marathons only 2 months apart, I'm ready to do shorter distances now. Haha! my next race event is a 5K this March. Hope I'll be as fast as you! =)

  7. Congrats on the AG award! That's awesome and a serious confidence booster! Def an excellent weekend of running!

  8. woohoo, congrats! You look great! I think my favorite distance is either half marathon or 15K - I like longer but not too long :)

  9. That's awesome! Don't downplay the achievement - you obviously work really hard :)

  10. Congrats! That is so awesome :) My favorite distance is the half marathon, for some reason I love it! My problem is that I run the same pace for a half as a 5k its so annoying. Guess my body likes the distance. YAY again!

  11. Congratulations!! That's amazing! And don't say your time doesn't deserve first place, because you won!! You remember from your track days - it's not about the time you run, but who crosses the line first. :) So you should revel in that win and hang your plague with pride.

    And I've only run one 5K recently and thought the exact same thing! I couldn't believe how fast it ended. I think I need to sign up for more.

  12. WHOA! Congrats Lizzy! (Agreed--you definitely deserve first place.)

    Also, you're looking amazing!!!

  13. Awesome finish. 1st place is 1st place....enjoy it.....

    I made the black bean burgers from your post yesterday but I added sweet potato puree to it and used pancake mix instead of bread crumbs. They came out great. You can see them here:

    And for distance I actually enjoy the marathon but I fell in love with the 15k in January.

  14. I forgot I also threw in feta cheese into the mixture.

  15. Woo hoo! Congrats!

    I think my favorite distance is probably a 15K. I feel like anything less and I'm trying to sprint the whole time and anything more and it's really hard!

  16. Congrats! I've won my age group before for a not so worthy time, but hey-take it! My fav distance is 10k too...feels like a solid enough run:)

  17. wow im so impressed! amazing job. maybe I should start working out one of these days.....

  18. Congrats on the great 5k time! Woo! You're getting faster :)

  19. This is pretty dang awesome! Congratulations! I grew up in Foxborough. :)

  20. Yay, what a fantastic day. Congrats to you and your brother!! :)