Saturday, June 4, 2011

Why I Run & Corporate Challenge Race Recap

So June 1st was National Running Day, did you hear?  I'm sure you did since there was a plethora of posts about it in the running blog community.  

So why do I run?
Simply, because it keeps me sane.
Because I need it.
Because I can't live without it.
Because it's who I am.

So is it any shock to you that I was one of the Captains for my teams Corporate Challenge?  
When I was asked to became a captain, I knew my first order of business was to get Dri Fit or Technical T's.  I chose to order the same shirts we got for the National Half Marathon. I ordered them from a company in California called ExpertPerformance. Then I had my friend Emily (check out her awesome blog here) design the shirts. And lastly, I sent the shirts up to Embroidme in Chelmsford, MA to get them printed. Don't they look great?
Me with Co-Captain, Kate!
We met in a conference room for gatorade, water and energy bars before heading to the Capital for a team photo.  Check out all those runners.  We had 75 people compete!
 We tried to get some jumping pictures. I'm pretty obsessed with them lately : )
Sorry Kelley, but I have to post this.  It's the world's best photo!!!

Then we headed to the commons and before we knew it, we were off...
I started out with my Kate, one of the other captains, but close to Mile 2, I couldn't keep up.  I was pretty proud of the pace I was maintaining, but it felt REALLY hard.  Truth is, I really struggle running at night.  I prefer to run races in the AM. But I'm getting closer to my goal of racing at 7:30 pace.  Here's my results:

Mile 1: 7:38 Mile 2: 7:33 
Mile 3: 7:54 
.50: 3:53 (7:31 pace)

3.5 miles in 26:56 (7:41 pace)
3rd Women on my team
263rd Woman out of 5240 (not too shabby...)
Oh, PS.  I saw Jess between Mile 2-3 and I screamed out and said hello!  We ran a few steps together... Jess it was good to finally meet you!

After the race we headed to Battery Park Bar and Lounge for some drinks! It was a really really fun night and I love being part of the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge. 
Me with my co-captains, Kelley and Kate!

Now I'm off to run another race, the Foxboro 5K with my husband and a bunch of my blogger friends.
Have you run the Corporate Challenge before?
And Why do you Run?


  1. Yay!! I was so glad to see you! My coworkers teased me b/c I was so pumped to see a blogger friend!

    And you are going to my home turf to run that 5k! :) Hope you have a good race!! :)

  2. The Corporate Challenge was my very first race (it was in NY). I didn't really train for it so I thought it was the hardest thing ever... I think I finished around 37-38 minutes but I didn't walk once so I was really proud. I was the last person on my team so that sucked but I think people cheated.
    Adam ran Thursday's corporate challenge as his very first race. I was so proud of him - he totally had fun and finished around 37 minutes. He even said he'd do it next year. I was such a proud mama- with a camera, water, towels, a pep talk... except that it was my husband :)
    Good luck on the 5K this morning!!

  3. what a great idea to have a corporate challenge! And way to take the lead on it!

  4. Too bad we didn't see each other there, but it was so packed! I feel like there are more participants each year (this is my 3rd year running it). I was pretty slow bec my shins actually still hurt from the weekend but I had a lot of fun with my co workers before and of course drinking after the race!

  5. Looks like a fun time! It's cool that so many participated.

  6. How are the shirts from Performance Apparel? Are they comfortable for running?

  7. Love those jumping pics... and that looks like a great time!

  8. The shirts are so cool - you did a great job! I am with you on running at just doesn't work for me. I'm so much better in the morning. Glad you had fun doing the CC and still raced well yesterday!

  9. Nice job, LIzzy! I've never run the corporate challenge before - I work with mostly non-athlete chicks so I'm not sure that will ever happen! hehe. But it looks like fun!

  10. So I know I already saw you AND congratulated you, but I wanted to say congrats again. Even though you said it felt hard to you, you still did a great job! And then to come back and run an awesome 5K just two days later = rockstar status! :)

    I've never run a corporate challenge before since I don't work in the corporate world, but I think it sounds like a lot of fun. I can't believe how many people participate! I think it's great that it gets so many people out racing.

  11. How fun that you did a corporate challenge and were in charge of it. That's so awesome of you!

    And GREAT job Lizzy on your PR :) 5ks are soooo hard. I hope you're proud of yourself!

  12. Oh my gosh -- I did the Corp Challenge (my first race back!) and saw your team shirts... they are so cute! I was jealous, my office team shirts were blah. And cotton. Gross! (I ran in a tech tee that matched my sneakers. hey, if i can't have office pride, at least i can look presentable!)

  13. First - love the shirts! Second - I kind of want to work a corporate job just to be able to do things like this. Third - congrats on another awesome race!

  14. Love the t-shirts! Next year, I'm back!

  15. I've always wanted to do the Corporate Challenege but my company is small and not in Boston so they never do it. I almost went in with my friends company once but cant remember why that didnt work (think I Was sick)... Isnt it usually in July!? I thought it seemed early this year. Maybe someday :)