Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend in Portland (& Two Restaurant Reviews!)

Remember a week ago I went to Maine?  Well, I'm finally recapping the delicious restaurants we went to and our fun weekend : )  Immediately after I showed up, we headed to Portland Lobster Company so Theodora and I could satisfy our Lobster Roll cravings.  
Once we ordered we got these nifty buzzers!  
 Soon enough we picked up our lobster rolls and they DEFINITELY satisfied our cravings.

 Buttered Lobster Rolls are certainly preferred for me over mayonnaise based ones and this one did not disappoint.  It was delicious and Theo and I gobbled it right down : )
 Oh hey there Theo, are you taking some pictures of your food?  Food Bloggers....
 After lunch, we walked around Old Port and then headed to the beach.  Beach and Lobster Rolls in one day?! Could this day get any better?  (It did, because later on... smoked gouda and crusty bread was involved...)
With my Stonewall Kitchen goodies!
We hung out at Pine Point for a few hours before heading home to carbo (and cheese load) in preparation for Sunday's Half Marathon.  
Here is our pre-race living room shot!  If you haven't read the recap of the Freeport Half Marathon, check it out here.  Oh and then read Theodora's!  And if you've already read them, read them again!  Theo broke 2 hours!!!
 After showering and resting for a bit, we headed to the Front Room in Portland for lunch and scored a nice outside table.  I was craving eggs and bacon and this sandwich sang out to me.

I switched the blue cheese for goat cheese.  It was fabulous!  And hit the spot!
 I definitely recommend the Brunch at The Front Room if you are in the area!  After brunch, Theo and I left Lindsay and headed back to Boston so Theo could make her train.  It was an awesome weekend with awesome friends (that I miss already!)
Cannot wait for another trip up to Maine- hopefully it won't be too long.
 Special shout out to my second Mommy Judy!  Judy went out of her way to chauffeur us around, take our pictures, make us dinner and hang out with us all weekend long.  It was a blast : )

What's your favorite place for a Lobster Roll?  


  1. I love Portland! That is where Roomie is from. He grew up on Peaks island. Haven't been to the front room but heard good things. My fave lobster roll is in dennis at the sesuit harbor cafe! byob too!

  2. the lobster roll, fried egg sandwich and your entire weekend look amazing!

  3. Last summer I had a great lobster roll at Papa Razzi on Newbury St. Super good.

  4. Portland is a great city, my sister lives there.
    I will have to make a note of these restaurants to try out the next time I go. I already purchased my Fanny's dressing from another post you recommended and it did not disappoint.

  5. We always have lobster rolls for Christmas Eve - which I always look forward to. However, this year a student gave me a tub of fresh lobster for an end of the year teacher gift (his dad's a lobster fisherman). The lobster rolls I made from that were the best ever!
    If you're ever looking for a flat marathon - Maine Marathon in Portland is awesome.

  6. mmmm lobster rolls. my favorite place is Reds Eats in Wiscasset, Maine!

  7. Portland, swoooon. It's definitely my happy place and your food looks fabulous! I def want to try Front Room

  8. Portland is so pretty - I wish I made the trip up there more often. I'm not a fan of lobster (I know, I know) but I saw many lobsters/lobster rolls consumed during my 2 weeks in Maine :) The egg sandwich looks perfectly put together. These pictures are so gorgeous, they make me sad summer is coming to an end!

  9. That is my kind of lobster roll!! I will have to keep this place in mind for next time I'm in Portland.

  10. So I just stumbled upon your blog (via Ali on the Run's blog) and I love it!! I am a fellow Boston blogger, a foodie and a (new) runner. Weird enough, I spent a lot of time in Portland, ME while I was growing up because that's where my mom is from. Seeing your photos of Portland Lobster Co. made me nostalgic!!

    xo Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

  11. Don't know if I've had a lobster roll. That pic makes me want one NOW.

  12. It looks so beautiful there!

    I don't eat seafood, but we were in Maine in June for a whopping 36 hours and my husband had 3 lobster rolls in that time span. Needless to say, the ones down here in Charlotte don't compare :)

  13. I want that brunch... and the lobster roll - both look fabulous! Adam and I were going to go to Portland for a night this past weekend but the hotels were so expensive, we decided to forgo it. I know it will happen at some point though and I'll keep both places in mind when it does :)

  14. I LOVE Portland!! One of my favorite places :) I've had the lobster roll at Portland Lobster Co. before! Mmm making me want one right now!! I dont know where, but I like when they are simple..mayo, maybe some celery, on a buttery grilled hotdog bun! My roomies from college (from CT) insist on hot lobster rolls with butter.