Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Recipe Organization, Meal Prep and Maternity Photos!

This is a THREE part post...


I want to talk about a new project I hope to continue working on during my maternity leave....

A Recipe Binder!  Organized by Appetizers, Soups, Main Meals- Vegetarian, Fish and Meat, Desserts and Breakfasts.  All organized via season or month in a binder.

So what am I talking about?

Well, I'm a self-admitted magazine hoarder.  I was subscribing to FIVE cooking magazines and over the years I've gathered quite the stock pile.  And I've kept them all right next to the bath since I've been taking numerous relaxing tubs throughout this pregnancy.
But... Dave has threatened to throw them all away if I don't get organizing.  And he's serious.

You see, I used to keep {every} wedding invitation, shower invitation, baby announcement, baby shower invitation, etc on the side of our fridge.  Needless to say in the five years we've been in our house, our fridge was a mess.  Dave kept saying he was going to toss them all and I never took him serious.  Then one day, BOOM.  All that was left on our side fridge was the current, up to date invites.  And although I was sad at first, I've realized how nice it looks now and how great it is to actually be ABLE to FIND the current invites!

So before he tosses all my magazines out the window, I'm getting organized.  This could take me awhile, but I'm determined.
So I'm ripping pages out of magazines and grouping them into piles and then tossing the magazines.  It's a work in progress and I hope to finish by August.  Wish me luck... I'll keep you posted on my binders!

Anyone else ever set out on a project like this?  Any success?  


 I'm going to have a baby soon. Hopefully like within the next few days SOON.  I'm 39 weeks, 4 days... but whose counting?

Anyway,  I will no longer have time to plan menus and cook meals.  So, on Marathon Monday I cooked my little face off. I did a ton of research on what would freeze well and I decided on Baked Ziti with Chicken Sausage (Annie Eats), Tex Mex Beef Enchiladas (Martha), Lasagna with Eggplant Ricotta (basic lasagna with roasted eggplant), and Turkey Manicotti with a Boursin Cream Sauce (Rachael Ray).
All of these meals are currently wrapped in foil and placed in freezer bags and in the freezer, waiting to be eaten once the little on arrives.


Sometime last week, I read HTP's post on her maternity photo shoot and I thought to myself... oh shit, I should do that too.  Knowing I was running out of time, I spent an evening pinning Maternity Photo inspiration.  I came up with these shots- mostly taken from pinterest....
 I knew I had a pretty amazing camera and we live near some awesome State Parks so I just needed someone willing to take the pictures.  I knew my mom would do it, but I wasn't sure she could do it.  In a random gchat session with Meg, I sent her these photos and asked her if she was around for an hour or two on Saturday.  She was eager even though she had never picked up a Canon Rebel T2i.  We met at Hopkinton State Park Saturday morning, I gave her a quick rundown of how to use the camera and we were off! I'm insanely impressed with how well these turned out and I'm psyched that we now have some fabulous photos to remember how big I once (still) am!  Check out my favorites in collage form! Thank you so much Meg!!!!

I definitely realize I owe Meg A LOT!  I promise Meg I will do the same for you someday!

*So this will probably be my last post for awhile since I could go into labor at any moment.*
Wish me luck : )


  1. Good luck! I hope everything goes smoothly and you and baby come home healthy!

  2. Good luck Lizzie! Looking forward to "meeting" the little one on here!

  3. Gorgeous Bump pictures!!! You are smart for preparing meals ahead of time! Good luck!

  4. Beautiful pics, Lizzy!! And good luck! xoxo
    PS - love the freezer meals

  5. I will be thinking about you and your little family!! I hope all goes well and I look forward to seeing pictures!!!!

  6. Lizzy, you look amazing! Best of luck with your new little one - can't wait to see pics!

  7. Shoot! I just read this post after I tweeted at you. Maybe not enough time for baked goods ;) Hope your labor is smooth sailing! Can't wait to hear about the baby. I just made a bunch of freezer meals for my preggo friend last night, a definitely MUST!

  8. Your photos came out beautifully!! Love them!! And such a great idea to just have someone use your good camera!

    Freezer meals was a fantastic idea, good for you for prepping all of that food.

    And the magazines...oh the magazines. So you're saying its going to take maternity leave for my to get that project done?? I too am quite the magazine hoarder and have been ripping pages out for YEARS!! YEARS! And they are just in a random folder. Good luck with that one!!

  9. oh my goodness, i had no idea you were so close! Lots of good thoughts and best wishes your way for a safe delivery. you are so on top of your game with the freezer meals!

  10. i adore the maternity photo shoot! your baby belly is beautiful!

  11. ekkks!!! good luck!!! you look terrific, btw.

  12. Love the maternity shots. Your friend did a great job.

  13. Your maternity photos are beautiful! Good luck with the magazine project! I did that with wedding magazines before we moved, but I can't bring myself to do it with my food magazines, which are taking up several boxes in our storage unit.

  14. Cute pics! Can't wait to hear about baby's arrival!

  15. Cute pics! Can't wait to hear about baby's arrival!

  16. I've been working on organizing my magazines into binders for the last year and I feel like I'm not even half way done. It's such a large project but also kind of fun. Good luck!
    Also, this is such an awesome photo shoot. I love that you had inspiration pictures for Meg to work off. They turned out gorgeous!!! Can't wait to meet your little one SOON! :D

  17. Those are great maternity photos. Congratulations! You are just glowing!

  18. Ahh I LOVE the maternity pics! I totally forgot about maternity photos until I was 36w pregnant. I actually got mine done a few days before Wyatt was born and was SO glad I did.

    Good luck, Lizzy! I know you'll rock labor and delivery! :)

  19. Wow! beautiful maternity photos, you look sweet and happy couple.

    peza zones

  20. Aww, what cute maternity pics - you look fabulous!! Good luck with delivery!! :)