Wednesday, June 5, 2013

National running day!

Today is June 5th, also known as National Running Day. It's a great day to come back from my blogging hiatus, don't ya think? Dave and I also met 8 years ago today! Crazy! Fittingly, we met at a bar after running the Harpoon five miler. See June 5th really is a special running day! I have a post all ready to go about Dylan's first birthday party so hopefully I'll also get that up this week.

I could sit here and tell you how much I currently love running and how I'm finally back on a successful running routine, but that just isn't the case. I've been competitively running since grade school and I'm currently in one of my lull years. I love running, I think about running, I talk about running especially track, but I'm just not doing a lot of it right now. I know it's common, to have ebbs and flows with something you're truly passionate about, and that's okay because you can't be 100% into any one thing every second of every day!

But I wanted to post today about how my love of the sport culminated last month with being inducted into my High School Sports Hall of Fame. I've talked about my glory days of running track on this blog before but the reality is we really were that good. (It wasn't all talk- I swear!) Even Dave was super surprised/proud when he saw me giving a speech in front of 300+ people at the Banquet. Just to give you an idea- Doug Flutie was inducted last year : )

Our Indoor Track Team I captained along with three of my close friends in 99-2000 went on to go Undefeated in our league, win the State Relays and the State Championship Meet. We set 14 School Records that year, 8 of which currently stand.

Earlier in 2013, we heard the news from coaches that we were going to be inducted on May 3rd, making us the youngest team and youngest individuals ever to be given such an honor. I got together with two of the four captains and we reminisced and planned our speeches. We watched footage that my dad had taped on his big VHS video recorder and we were brought right back. I'm not currently running religiously but I know in my heart I'll always be a runner. I know that when I think about my past and my high school experience, what I remember most is my days spent running around that oval. I remember my black Adidas spikes, the bell lap, the baton and my teammates. I remember finishing a race and running to my coach to see if the time he clocked matched my enthusiasm. I remember looking into the stands and seeing my parents cheering me on. I remember holding up those trophies with my fellow captains and thinking life doesn't get much better than this.

On May 3rd, I stood at the stadium at my rebuilt, brand-new high school and gave a speech that I hope to be proud of for many years to come...

(Ps- that's Susan Warnick in the back there- the emcee for the event, also an Alumni of my high school)

I reminisced (see that giant scrapbook!!!) and I tried to show my love for the sport- what it's taught me and what it continues to teach me in the years since competitively running on the track. 

I also tried to tie back to what happened on April 15th, the tragedy that changed Boston and runners forever.  I will someday write about that on this blog, but the right words haven't hit me yet. 

Here's a little glimpse into the ending of my speech.

Running transformed my life and I wouldn't be half the person I am today without it. I still wear my 2011 Boston marathon jacket proudly even though the thought of even walking 26.2 miles scares me.
So on June 5th it's nice to take a moment and reflect back on this sport- it's peaks and its valleys, it's highs and its lows and to know that without it, I just wouldn't be me.

I said in my acceptance speech that people know where I'm from and that I'm a runner before they know much else about me. And that's not because I look like a runner. It's because when people talk about the sport- marathons, track and field- my eyes light up and you can tell how passionate I am about it.

I know I'll find time for the sport in my life again - but for now I'm going to relish in the past.

Thanks for reading... what does running mean to you?

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  1. That is so cool, congratulations on being inducted to your high school sports hall of fame!! love this post. I have ups and downs with running too but it will definitely always be in my heart :)