Saturday, February 28, 2009

Running Clubs

I ran this morning with a running club from Wellesley. My friend from HS runs with them so I decided to join her. It was honestly amazing. Running with people makes the run so much better. We did 7.5 miles as a group and Nancy and I added on another 3 so we did about 10ish. It was so nice to be outside and get the run over with so early. We met at 7:15AM!!! They also run at 5:45AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I think I might join them. Nancy was trying to convince me to run a marathon. I'm leaning towards the idea. I ran 10+ today and felt great so what another 16 miles (haha totally kidding). But, I really think it might be nice to accomplish a marathon. I'm going to think about it.

Date2 /28/2009
Distance10.50 mi

Yesterday was a crazy busy day at work. I woke up late again, and didn't work out yestrday. I actually didn't even eat lunch until 3pm! I had a small sub from Al's Sandwich Shop- Turkey, Cheese, Mustard, Lettace, Tomato and Pickles. It hit the spot- yum! I took the train home and met Dave and Courtney at La Cantina. It was delicious!! We spilt Calamari, Salad and Bread then I ordered Spinach Lasagna and a side of Butternut Squash. I know, random huh? But for some reason, I was craving squash!!! Dave had the Lobster Ravoli and it had Lobster chunks both in the ravoili and in the sauce. Amazing!

I got home and fell right asleep in preparation for waking up at 6AM for the run today! After the run, I went to the grocery store and bought tons of healthy options for the week. I'm excited to have a stocked fridge again. I just had the leftovers for lunch and I'm about to start cleaning the house. Dave and I are going to dinner at an amazing seafood restuarant with his parents tonight and then to a friends house. I'm excited! Tomorrow, my brother and I are going to the USA Track and Field Nationals at Reggie Lewis Center. I honestly can't wait. Here's what the groceries looked like.

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