Sunday, October 18, 2009

Prep Ahead!

On Saturday, we went to the BC game. It was absolutely freezing but we had amazing seats and it was a really fun game. Before the game, I went to the gym for an hour long spin class that was one of the worst classes I've ever taken. The music was terrible but I tried to imagine I was somewhere else and tried to get into as much as I could. After the class, I lifted my legs, did my hip excercises and stretched, a lot. Then at home, I put together that Portabella Mushroom Burger I wanted to make the other night. I put the sauteed mushroom on an Arnold Wheat Thin with Goat Cheese, Pesto and Banana Peppers. I ate this with spaghetti squash that I mixed with monterey cheese and salt and pepper. Great filling lunch!
And more pics from the game...
After the game, we went to Tasca in Brighton, an amazing tapas restuarant. We ordered about 7 tapas between the 4 of us and sangria...mmmm. Then we continued drinking at other Brookline restuarants. We also made a new friend: DOMO!
Today, I went grocery shopping then prepped our dinners and lunches for the week. For lunches, I made Spicy Chili in the Slow-Cooker. (Which by the way does not deserve a photograph- reason #500 I hate slow cookers- they make everything look like mush!) Then I cleaned and sliced mushrooms and leeks, marinated steak tips with teriyaki sauce, sliced up Salmon Fillets and made a spicy honey mustard sauce to go over the salmon and made an Argula Salad with feta cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers. I love being ready for the week!

Tonight we drove to Dave's parents house for a nice Sunday dinner in the middle of October with... could it be... SNOW!! It's only October 18th!

Dave's mom made an amazing dinner. Butternut mashed squash, roasted potatoes and carrots, a salad with homemade Italian Dressing, Peppered Pork Tenderloin with homemade apple sauce. Delicious!

Here is the dinner plan for the week:

Monday: Salmon with Sweet and Hot Mustard Sauce
Tuesday: Asian Salmon Cakes with Sesame Wasabi Cream
Wednesday: Steak Tips with Mushroom & Cream Sauce
Thursday: Asian Steak Salad
Friday: Deep Dish Pizza

Workout Plans:
Monday- Physical Therapy/Bike/Eliptical/Lift Legs
Tuesday- Boot Camp
Wednesday- Physical Therapy/Bike/Eliptical/Abs
Thursday- Muscle Conditioning
Fri- off
Sat- Spinning, lifting
Sun- off

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