Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Biggest Loser Round 2

I'm organizing another Biggest Loser Competition at work. It will start on January 8th and last 12 weeks. I've been eating like crazy lately and with my decreased running miles, I know I need to lose the weight. So here it is, in writing. By the beginning of April, I will weigh in the 120s. Which means I am going to dramatically cut out all the baking I've been doing lately. I wasn't very good at it anyway (but I was good at eating it!) I will also officially start training for my Half Marathon in February and possible marathon in May. I've been pretty good with working out even though I've been gaining weight. But I have to add on the running mileage for sure.

Here's my plan to lose the weight-

1. Write down everything I eat in a journal again
2. Eat a healthy breakfast (oatmeal, breakfast cookies, cereal... no more mini bagels with cream cheese...or toast with a slice of cheese, I know I'm a fatty.)
3. Salads during lunch or 100 calorie wraps with grilled chicken, hummus... no more chips at all
4. Dinners is where I will indulge a bit since I love to cook. But I will eliminate after dinner sweets completely.
5. It's really all about portion control.

Mondays: Run 3-7 miles, lift legs
Tuesdays: Speed Workout in the AM at the local track, Boot Camp at lunch when I can
Wednesdays: Physical Therapy in the AM, Spinning during lunch
Thursdays: Muscle Conditioning
Fridays: Run 3-7 miles
Saturdays: LONG RUN over the course of 12 weeks 7-18 miles
Sundays: Rest or Eliptical/Lifting

That's the plan. Wish me luck!!!
PS- I made Orange Chicken last night. Like the chicken you get a Chinese food restaurant. It was AMAZING. So I will post that recipe later but don't judge me, it wasn't healthy. I have until January 8th to keep piling on the pounds right?!


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog...PLEASE post the orange chicken recipe - that's my son's favorite.

  2. Just found your blog! Good luck with your weightloss's so hard this time of year. Your recipes look amazing!