Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eastern State 20 Miler Recap

I ran the Eastern State 20 Miler this morning with Nancy and a new friend Darin.  There's nothing like getting to know someone then running 20 Miles.  Problem was, we drove up together all the way to Kittery Maine so we had a lot of getting to know-each-other-time before the race even began.  Anyway, this race was supposed to cross three states.  Starting in Kittery, Maine, then New Hampshire and ending in Salisbury, MA.  But some bridge was closed so instead we ended in Hampton Beach, NH.  The race started off and we were all just settling into our pace. Our first mile was slow but then we got into our pace.  I decided to run with my water bottle because after last week, I didn't want to be without water even for a minute.  It was annoying and great at the same time. 

Can you see us at the start?
 No? Me either.
Race Recap Time:
Miles 1-4
(9:34 9:15, 9:13, 9:12)
Nothing really to report on these miles.  We were just running along, enjoying the beautiful ocean views.  Around this time, Nancy mentioned she needed to pee but would wait for a port-a-potty.
 Miles 5-7
(9:00, 9:05, 9:05) 
We stopped at mile 7 for my running partners to use the bathrooms.  I stretched some and drank water.  I wanted to leave my watch running, but I never shut off the auto-pause.  (Anyone know how to shut that off?) I filled up my water bottle here too.  I loved having water with me, but I definitely could here it slooshing around in my tummy.
Miles 8-12
(9:04, 9:12, 9:30, 9:34, 9:40)
Miles 10 on I started feeling pretty terrible.  The wind on this course was insane and being a point-to-point race, we never got the wind at our back.  Speaking of backs, my back was pretty much in excruciating pain at this point.  Okay, maybe that's dramatic (who me) but it was hurting A LOT.  I was wearing two of my tightest sports bras, plus a tank with a built in so it could be that it was too tight OR I really need to strengthen my core.  At this point, I started to feel like I was totally holding Nancy and Darin back but they were so nice to stay with me.
Miles 13-16
(9:57, 9:38, 9:50, 9:51)
Uh oh, things are not going well for Lizzy here.  I started to run behind Nance and Darin and started to think in terms of how much we had left.  The wind picked up more, more water stops and negative lizzy was trying to get into my brain.  I tried really hard to get her away and thought more in terms of 1 more hour, 45 minutes, 5K to run...
Miles 17-18
(9:39, 9:45)
Trudging along. Excited for the finish.  Wanting the wind to stop blowing.  Loving the fact that the last water stop gave out Jelly Beans.  I think I ate 20. At one time.  My teeth were not happy.  Nancy starts talking about how she gave up candy for lent and how she's mad she couldn't make it the final week.  Then she says something like Jesus will understand.  I almost died.  I think we're all losing it at this point.  We turn the corner at Mile 18 onto Hampton Beach boardwalk.  In warm weather, this would be gorgeous (well sorta, Hampton is kinda just like the Jersey Shore...oh c'mon you know you watched).  Unfortunately, turning this corner we ran into the biggest wind of the entire race.  The wind was blowing from the shore sideways into us.  The sand was in my mouth, in my eyes.  I wanted. to. die.  Period.  At this point, I let Nancy and Darin go.  They would stop every 200 feet or so and wait for me which was soooo nice but unfortunately, I coudn't keep up when they would start running again. 
Miles 19-20 and .12
(10:26, 9:54, 8:51)
I officially lost them around mile 19.20 and I just kept trying to move forward while eating sand and passing a few people who decided to walk in the final mile.  I crossed the line in 3:17ish according to their results.  Mrs. Garmin said 3:11:27 (9:31 pace) with the autopause.  My first 20 Miler Ever.  Successful, but I wish I felt better.
 And yes, I was happy to finish, but all I could think is HOLY SH@$#%, on May 2nd I will have to run 6.2 more miles?  Shoot. Me. 
All smiles at the end with the beach in the background. I'm glad I did this race.  But it WAS HARD! My legs and I want to go to bed, but my sheets are still in the dryer.  Booo!!!  Made a great dinner, but will post it later. Have a good week!


  1. Congrats dude. I'll keep to myself that your body completely breaks down between miles 23 and 26, so you should be fine.

  2. I cant believe you ran 20 miles. period. such a big accomplishment. sorry the weather couldn't have been a little less windy for you! PS i made one of your recipes on Friday!!!

  3. You go girl!

    But one question -- what's the auto-pause/what does it do?

  4. it stops when you stop. So if you are waiting to cross the street or tie your shoes or whatever it stops. Someone set it on my watch once. I need to shut it off because there are no auto-stops in the marathon!

  5. Liz!! I'm so proud of you for finishing! It sounds like it was an absolutely horrible experience, but just think about how much stronger this will make you in the long run! Believe me when I say this, those 26.2 miles will feel significantly easier than those 20 miles! Congrats again Lizzy!!!