Monday, March 1, 2010

Hyannis Half & Natalia's Birthday!

Hello!  So yesterday I ran the Hyannis Half Marathon.  I thought I could possibly run close to my PR (1:54) but I wasn't sure.  I went down to the Cape with my friend Nancy.  She was running the Full Marathon.  By the time we got our numbers, hit the bathrooms, put are stuff back in the car and headed to the start line, we only five minutes to spare.  And the start line was a zoo.  We ended up having to start next to the gate and then wait for runners to move so we could start the race.  Nancy was also supposed to run with her friend and I was planning to run alone.  Nance couldn't find her friend so we started together and I knew after the first couple miles that I would have to make up A LOT of time in order to meet by sub 1:55 goal.  So I sorta knew pretty quickly into the race that this wasn't going to be my time to PR.  Which I was okay with.  Nance and I ran the first 5-6 miles together.  Then I left and tried to pick up the pace.  (tried is the key word here).  So I finished in 1:58:07 for a 9:01 average according to the race stats.  My Garmin said I ran 1:58:05 for 13.23 miles thus finishing in 8:55 average. (I like Garmin's results better)  Close-enough I guess.  Here are the miles breakdowns:
13.23 Miles 1:58:05 8:55 pace
Mile 1: 9:18
Mile 2: 9:05
Mile 3: 8:57
Mile 4: 8:55
Mile 5: 8:57
Mile 6: 8:53
Mile 7: 8:49
Mile 8: 9:01
Mile 9: 9:14
Mile 10: 9:10
Mile 11: 8:45
Mile 12: 8:54
Mile 13: 8:31
.23: 1:37 (6:57 pace)
So, I'm not upset, I'm just not psyched either.  But putting this into perspective, this race is just part of training for... the Providence Marathon!  I am most likely going to sign up by the middle of March. The race is May 2nd and my brother has agreed to run it with me.  I can't wait to be able to say that I've run a marathon!!!!!

After I finished the half, I got the food, changed and got back to the car and tried to find Nancy on the course.  I went all the way to mile 18 and all the way forward to mile 23 and couldn't seem to find her so I just waited at the end.  She finished in 4:30ish! 
So yesterdays race was an ALL-DAY affair.  I left at 7am and didn't get home until 5pm.  My mom was making a family dinner because it's Natalia's birthday tomorrow.  And I volunteered to make the cake (before realizing I wasn't going to get home until 5PM!) I made the angel food cakes on Saturday night, but I didn't have an angel food pan so I just used my cake pans which was probably not smart since lets just say the cake was kinda settling.  Yea, it was definitely a leaner.  Pisa style.  So anyway, I cut the two cakes in half and used 3 of the layers (the fourth was so crooked I had to throw it away).  Then I stuffed the cake with vanilla pudding, mixed berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries), a layer of Cool Whip, another layer of cake, repeat the process, more cake and cool whip and berries.  Lets just say it tasted better than it looked.  And this was the kind of cake Natalia's family makes in Argentina so I did okay.  The fam seemed to enjoy it! Oh I also put shredded coconut on top.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I went to Physical Therapy this morning and got intense electric stim on both achilles.  So much stim that the muscles on my left leg contracted too much and I was in pain.  It hurts a whole lot right now.  So tomorrow I am going to either run an easy 5 or cross train and hopefully do speed on Thursday. 

Weekly Plan:
Monday: Physical Therapy
Tuesday: Easy 5-6miles at 1.0 incline
Wednesday: Cross Train and lift
Thursday: 5X800 3:35 to 3:20
Friday: off
Saturday: Long Run, goal 15 but we'll see how I feel

Dinner Menu:
Monday: Thai Red Curry Cakes (inspiration Cara's Cravings) & Kale Chips/ Roasted Broccoli
Tuesday: Grilled Chicken with Pesto over Caesar Spaghetti or Caesar Salad (Rachael Ray)
Wednesday: Pad Thai with Chicken
Thursday: Possibly sushi with Remi!!!
Friday: TBD

Have a good week!


  1. Hey nice job on your 1/2 Marathon! Sorry you aren't psyched about your time. I know a few other gals who ran it this weekend too!! quite a popular event :)

  2. Liz, no beating yourself up! It is all a part of the big picture.... we learn something from every race.

  3. that's a shiny medal there....congrats and thanks for the was even better tonight but now it is no longer with us.

  4. Congrats on another half marathon! When I ran mine, my only goal was to do it under 2 hours so I think you did great :)

  5. Nice job! Don't underestimate the zoo-like start at the beginning had on your pace, it can sap a lot of energy. And that cake looks bomb-- time to eat dinner :)