Friday, September 30, 2011

The Best Meals of Summer 2011

So Summer is over.  I'm not quite ready for fall but luckily either is New England.  Our weather keeps going back and forth between 50s and 80s, rain and sunshine.  But the days are shorter and it's the end of September so it's time to embrace fall.  Before I do that, I want to recap my favorite dishes of the summer using farm fresh produce from my CSA!  I've really enjoyed Stillman's Farm this year and I was incredibly happy with the amount of produce we got each week.

Enjoy the pictures!  All the recipes will be linked to a word document at the end of this post.
Eggplant "Sandwiches"
Creole Spiced Corn Cakes
Eggplant Po' Boys!
Sweet and Salty Swiss Chard with Dried Cranberries, Blueberries and Chorizo
Rustic Summer Vegetable Tart
Grilled Zucchini Pizza Slices
Fish Tacos with Strawberry Avocado Salsa

Flatbread Swiss Chard Bianca

Thai Zucchini Cakes
All Recipes can be found here- Summer 2011 Stillman's Farm Recipes!

What was your favorite summer dish?


  1. I still have yet to try the eggplant sandwiches or the po' boys! I'm printing out this document so that I can make them both. a better idea...maybe I can come to your house and have you cook for me?? (please!)

  2. Gosh my favorite summer dish is tough. I have to say everything I have made with my roasted summer veggies. And I'm sure will be everything I've made with my fall veggies!

  3. I spy lots of cheese in these recipes ;)
    I felt like I didn't cook as much this summer but looking back at the blog there were so many highlights! One of my favorites was actually the buratta, mustard, basil an tomato sandwich on a homemade pretzel bun:
    My favorite dessert was hands down the berry/peach cobbler with sugared almonds. Incredible!

  4. Go BO SOX! ohh wait. they're a bunch of stiff's this year. eh well- that's what it is to be a New England fan right? :) Just found your blog.. that Tart looks A-MAZING! My fav. summer dish was my Arctic Charr.. it's kind of addicting. Anyways, just started following you on Twitter so I can read more!.. time to do some catch up on your blog :) Great pictures too.. GO PATS!

  5. So much good food! I want those corn cakes

  6. If I could have one blogger make me dinner all the time I think it'd be you!

  7. omg - the zucchini pizza slices - cute and look amazing!

  8. ok i officially need to get over my fear of eggplant, this looks delicious.

  9. love the recap :) and so many great recipes!! making me hungry...

  10. these are some juicy photos! nicely done lizzy :)

  11. That summer vegetable tart is making me want summer back!