Tuesday, November 29, 2011

State Park Walk/Jog/Hikes

First, thank you so much for everyones feedback on my running post.  I realize now how important it is for me to do what's best for ME and the baby.  And if running isn't part of that equation then that's okay.  But walking and being active will be! PS- My other form of exercise lately has been playing the Wii.  Have you ever boxed on Wii Sports?  Now that is a workout!

Anyway, Saturday, Dave and I decided to walk/hike all the way around the State Park closest to our house.  In all the years we've been going to this park, we've never made it the whole way.  Saturday was our day!  We had such a blast exploring and discovering new sights and both of us can't wait to get back out there.
While we were walking our first trail, we hit a crossroads; go the way we always go or try a different route.  Choosing the different route made all the difference.  We found this amazing gravel path that was flat and easy to jog on.  On our walks/hikes, anytime I find a flat part, I run.  Dave always jokes "There she goes!"
And off I went.

For a very short while. 
Once we reached the end of the gravel path, we hit this....
We continued around the lake until I found a perfect spot to take a Baby Bump Shot of Week 17.
I still don't feel like I have a "baby" bump yet.  I just kind of feel big all over.  But I'm really trying to change my mindset and embrace it.  I'm growing the belly because I have a baby inside of me after all!  

An hour into our walk/jog/hike, we stopped for some snacks and water.  This rock is now Dave's favorite spot.
And we eventually made it to the dam which is the path we are most familiar with.
As we were walking back to our car, I captured these gorgeous photos...
 I'm lucky I live in a place where beautiful trails and paths are a short distance away. These walks mean the world to me and I feel very thankful that I can still enjoy them.  As I've written before, the power of "place" is very important to me and this walk/jog/hike made me feel so much better about my inability to run like a used to.  What's important to me now is just getting out there whether it be outside or the gym.  Trying to stay active during this pregnancy is the goal for my remaining 23 weeks!

Do you have a go-to path or trail that you love?


  1. what a great day! you look fantastic btw!!

  2. Gorgeous! Love it! Can we vist next time I visit?

  3. Amazing photos! It's awesome that you have found a way you're comfortable exercising, even if you can't run.

  4. Great photos and you look so cute Lizzy!! My favorite running path is the Charles River, Memorial Drive side.

    PS - guess what I am running the Boston Marathon next year to raise money for Perkins School for the Blind! I may be emailing you again in the future for running tips :)

  5. That looks beautiful! I took up running in NYC and I still live here so the most scenic I get is the park! Riverside Park is pretty awesome though, as is the bridle path/reservoir in Central Park.

  6. such a gorgeous park! i have to explore my new digs a bit, but i'm guessing there could be some good spots by the reservoir ;) and i see none of that "big all over" feeling you are talking about :) you look great lady!

  7. 1. Wii is a ridiculous workout.
    2. You are seriously rocking those pink compression socks and I love it.
    3. I want to go to that park.
    4. I want the password for your other blog. Please. Thank you.

  8. you are so cute with you 17 week baby bump! this looks like the perfect Saturday!

  9. You definitely have a baby bump. That's a good thing! :) Sounds like an awesome hike/run.
    PS - Cara and I were talking about having dinner and I think you should host it ;) [You're right in the middle!]

  10. Your bump looks so cute! I felt huge all over till about week 18 then the bump started showing. The hubs and I have a trail right near our house and love walking through the woods. Kate @ hotpotatorunning.blogspot.com has a fitness challenge going for the month of December. She is preggers too and we had a November challenge going via twitter. Really helped me get out there and keep my fitness levels up.