Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stef's Bachelorette!

Friday night was Stephanie's Bachelorette Party. There was tons of food, including an inappropriate cake, but I forgot to take pictures. It was quite a night with lots of barhopping and lots of drinking. And the night ended again with a late night must eat Pizza stop. This is becoming a habit! Good thing I don't go out that often. Here I am with the bachelorette!

And here are some of my home friends out!

After being extremely hungover on Saturday, I finally got moving and got ready for Gretchen's Bridal Shower. Her shower was at Upstairs on the Square at Harvard Square and it was such a cute location! The room was decorated sooooo pretty with pink and zebra print. Check out the long table.

Food consisted of tea party sandwiches and tasty desserts. With some champagne and of course tea! The centerpieces were adorable!

And here is Gretchen, Carissa and myself! Gretchen is getting married in November in... are you ready for this... New Zealand! Her and her fiance decided they wanted to get married just the two of them somewhere far away and exotic. I'm jealous!
Saturday night, Dave and I went to dinner with Mike and Natalia and I was in bed early. Today, I researched tons of recipes and finally got to the grocery store around noon. For lunch, I made Dave and I Mac N Cheese with Kale. It was definitely a great addition to swap out spinach for another tasty green!
I also made lunches for us for the next couple days. Brown rice, grilled chicken breast and Rainbow Swiss Chard in a fruity, tangy sauce (1T butter, 1 T of Flour, Chicken Broth, Apricot Preserves and Worcestorshire sauce!)
And I saw these tiny Graham Cracker pie crusts and had to buy them. I made some mousse and filled them up! Perfect dessert!
For dinner, I made these salmon romelades with crab and lobster filling, creamed spinach and brown rice.
On the Menu for the Week- Lots of Chicken!
Monday- either Yom Kippur dinner in Brookline or Panko Crusted Chicken
Tuesday-Tomato Soup with Bacon and Cheese Sandwiches
Wednesday- Procuitto Wrapped Chicken with Swiss Chard
Thursday- Stromboni's
Friday- Leftovers

So last week, my achilles, lower calf area started hurting a lot. By Thursday, I was having trouble walking. So I went to my orthopedic doctor to get checked out. I was expecting the worst. From the research I found online on achilles injuries, I was scared. But he checked me out and told me to take 1 WHOLE WEEK off from running and then get back into the training. It's a relief the injury isn't anything too serious, and I'm not too worried about taking time off because I still have 2 20 milers left in my schedule. Plus, my doctor has run 7 marathons and he says he never ran above 17 miles and he has finished all of his. The fact that I've already run a 19 miler makes me feel good. Plus, I need to keep remembering why I am doing this marathon. I am not trying to break any records. I am running this marathon for Children's Hospital and for the millions of people who can't. I've said this before, but I am running because I CAN. It may be hard and I may struggle but I AM GOING TO SEE THAT FINISH LINE!!!!

So on that note, I think there are the people who see doctors when the smallest little thing is wrong (like me) and there are people who don't. I like to see doctors for reassurance and to always just *make sure* there is nothing seriously wrong. However, my friend Carissa gave me the same advice my doctor did. She said take a week off! So I'm finally listening. I am going to bike and spin and maybe take boot camp this week, depending how busy I am at work. Okay, that's it for me- my bed with nice clean sheets awaits- Night!

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