Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Speed, Mile Cutdowns

I skipped my Speed workout yesterday and postponed it until today due to snow.  That probably doesn't make sense considering I do my speed on a treadmill but basically it was because I took a later train in the morning and an earlier train in the evening because of all the snow and didn't feel like going out in the mess in the middle of the day.  So I did it this AM. Here was the workout from coach Leah:


Ok...we're going to switch it up...cut down miles... 1 mile warm up...  then 4 cut down miles...8 min mile. 7:45 min mile, 7:30 min mile, and then a 7:15 min mile.  Does this sound realistic??  No stopping!!! 

Let me know.


I was REALLY nervous about this workout, but we had agreed that I could jog between the first two miles as long as my splits kept decreasing in time.  So I jogged a warmup at 6.5mph then got going.  

First Mile: 7:54 (a little fast)
Second Mile: 7:47 (almost on)
Rest Jog 800 Meters
Third Mile: 7:29 (almost on)
Then I was dying so I decided to take a 400 jog break
Fourth Mile: 7:24 (a little slow : (

I felt proud of this workout, but wishing I could have nailed it.  Hopefully next time I do this I will be able to do it without the second jog break and hit that 7:15!  When I told Leah, she was happy!
Leah: that's really good liz
it was a hard workout
you should be proud of yourself

YAY!!!  I will tell you though, I was totally talking to myself that last mile... like "you can do it Liz, don't give up..."  I just didn't want to quit.  This was a workout we used to do on Thursday mornings in college and I honestly don't think I ever completed it, so I'm happy I finished and excited about the next time!  
My plan for the rest of the week is:
Wed: 6 miles total in 54:30, possible Physical Therapy session tonite
Thurs: Run 5-8 Recovery Miles
Fri: 3 Miles Easy, lift
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 10 Mile Race with 2 Mile Warmup and Cooldown (14 miles)
Total Miles: 31

Meals to be posted later!


  1. Great workout Zah. Mile repeats are hard but that's a quick last mile. Now what are you cooking tonight?

  2. Well done Liz! I'll have to give you a harder workout next week ;)