Sunday, June 20, 2010

Part 1 of 9: Barcelona, Spain

We arrived in Barcelona on May 28th having a full day and a half to explore the amazing city before boarding our cruise ship.  After dropping off our luggage, we set off to check out the city.  One of the first places we went was the Cuitadella Park. It was quite a walk from our hotel (we stayed in Las Rambla) but it was totally worth it. Even though its right outside of the city center, it provides lots of green space, holds the zoo, some aboreta, the Museu de Geologia, and Barcelona's zoo. This waterfall is one of Gaudi's earliest creations!
 On our walk back to the hotel, we also saw the Christopher Columbus Statue and tons of other fun stuff inside the many farmer's markets. 
Barcelona is known for their baguettes on the run.  Basically just a baguette with a meat and a green.  Like prosciutto and arugula on a baguette. I definitely picked one of these up!

After resting for awhile, we headed out on a walk and then for dinner.  We walked through the Gothic Quarters and eventually made it to our destination- food!  My sister-in-law Natalia heard about this place and it did not disappoint.
First we started with Sangria!  Mmmm.  
We also ordered tons of tapas that I forgot to take pictures of. But our main dish was Seafood Paella. It really was so much food.  But so worth it.
 After walking around and seeing more of Guadi's amazing work, we stopped for some cafe.  Natalia ordered the hot chocolate and it was literally HOT chocolate.  So good!
 The next day, we woke up and ate breakfast in Las Rambla.  We got what was known as the American Breakfast which was basically all they had on the menu.
 Then we walked to La Sagrada Famila, Gaudi's church he designed that is not quite finished. It really was amazing to see the intricate details!
Then we took the metro to the highlight of the day: Park Guell.  
If you have only one day in Barcelona, you must go here.  You have to walk up what seems like a mountain to get there (there are some outdoor escalators) but the views at the top are out of this world!  Breathtaking.  You could spend all day at his park and I would recommend grabbing lunch on the way up (maybe a baguette?) and having a picnic once you get up there.
 Check out the amazing art all made by Gaudi- I was obsessed!

After that morning, we headed back to get our stuff and the metro then a bus to the cruise ship... Monte Carlo and Cannes on deck!


  1. so funny! We ate at Qu Qu when we stayed in Barcelona too! We just happened to stumble upon it and it sounded good - and it was!

  2. Your vacation is so exciting! I really want to visit Barcelona now. I love how they have "American breakfast" over there. I loved Monte Carlo and can't wait for that post :)

  3. omg the food pics are making me so hungry!!