Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Part 2 of 9: Monte Carlo, Monaco & Cannes, France

On May 30th we arrived in Monaco.  We got off the boat and took a tender (one of those small boats on a large cruise ship) over to shore.  When we got there, we boarded a bus to drive up to Cannes.
When we got to Cannes, we strolled the  Promenade de la Croissette, the elegant walkway that separates the city proper from its parkland and beaches. Along there we stopped for lunch.  We ate one of my favorite meals here- crepes and mussels!
 Smoked Salmon Crepe with fries and a salad.  Dave enjoyed Mussels in a bucket.
After lunch we viewed the Film Festival Palace, home to the legendary Cannes Film Festival and visited Star Alley, where visiting film stars have left their palm prints in cement. I'm famous!
We hung out by the beach and then decided to get dessert.  Any by dessert, I mean the single most amazing thing I ate on this trip- Nutella Crepe!  We picked it up at this little shop:
Dave is patiently waiting four our crepe.  And the wait was worth it! Check out this beauty:

Soooo amazing... look at how happy I am:
I'm thinking... leave me alone and let me eat my nutella crepe.  Nutella=heaven.

We then boarded the bus back down to Monte Carlo where our walking tour began at Fisherman Park below Palace Square. We travelsx by elevator up the Rock of Monaco and continued past the Oceanographic Museum to St. Nicholas Cathedral where Princess Grace and Prince Rainier are buried. We then went to the Prince's Palace, ancestral seat of the Grimaldis. We also visited St. Nicholas Cathedral - which was consecrated in 1875, the current cathedral is the final resting place of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier. A cathedral has occupied the site in Monaco Ville since 1241. 

After the tour, Dave and I walked around and saw the lifestyles of the rich and famous in Monaco's Old Town - as well as the gorgeous yachts and views.
All in all, Monte Carlo and Cannes were beautiful and it was so nice to view such amazing scenery where so many famous people hang out!

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  1. That is definitely food to run for :) I absolutely love mussels, but the Nutella crepe looks out of this world!!