Thursday, September 9, 2010

Boston Restaurant Review: Anthem Kitchen + Bar

Yesterday during lunch, I headed over to Anthem Kitchen + Bar with a couple co-workers.  I was really excited about this place!  Before heading over, Gretchen and I checked out the menu online and decided to split two items. I love sharing food!
The menu was extensive and had tons of options.  I'll be honest, I barely looked any further after I found the couple dishes I wanted!  I tend to do that- focus on meals that have one of the following ingredients: arugula, lobster, prosciutto, bacon, avocado and CHEESE!
Gretchen and I switched things up a bit at the restaurant and decided on a flatbread that had:
And an amazing salad!
Lobster Cobb!!! Obviously for me, with no blue cheese.
When the dishes came out, they had separated the salad for us!  It was so nice of Anthem to do that.  Some restaurants don't encourage sharing but Anthem welcomed it.  And look at this presentation!
A deconstructed cobb salad with many of my favorite fixings! Can't beat that : )
One more picture of this deliciousness...
And our flatbread... only one of the most delicious flatbreads I've ever tasted! It definitely rivals the Flatbread I had at Woowdard.
Figs, Prosciutto, Tomato and Arugula with what I thought was a fontina cheese.  It was sooo good.  So good in fact that I pretty much dominated the pizza.  What can I say, I like food! And I can't let good food go to waste!

After I rolled out of the restaurant, I went to pick up my CSA, but I'll show you those delights once I do something with them!

One more thing- I'm not a fan of the sun setting earlier and rising later.  Whats the deal?!?!
Last night, I did get a beautiful shot of the sunset on our way home.  (Don't worry I wasn't driving).
Not a fan of the traffic it created though : (
This morning I left as the sun was rising (6am) and saw a beautiful sunrise, but no photos (I was driving). 

Happy Thursday- another restaurant review to come in the next day or two- going to Audobon Circle with some local bloggers.  Can't wait!  And if you are going, I'll see you there : )


  1. what a fun lunch! I tasted anthem's clam chowder at the chodah fest and wasn't super impressed but all the food looks awesome.

  2. Your meal looks fantastic- I want that salad RIGHT NOW!

  3. Audobon Circle was right near my old apartment; I love it there! I'm jealous of your foray into my past (and jealous you're rolling with other bloggers other than, what up with that, yo?)

  4. Lizzy! I love anthem, next time you go, you need to get the Peppercorn Tuna, I don't even like fish but it was DEVINE!

  5. Both of these dishes look amazing! And I love when restaurants split for you. Now I'm craving lobster (when am I not??) and the flatbread obviously looks awesome to me!!

    Happy Friday :)


  6. OMG that flatbread! Deeeelish. I miss Boston, especially now as it gets towards fall. I never really got to experience all the amazing restuarants before I left.

  7. Yummm. I think I need to come up there for a week and have you take me to all these yummy places!

    And I'm mad at the sun for sleeping in and going to bed earlier lately. So not cool.