Sunday, December 19, 2010

Half Marathon Time

I've run probably a total 6 times since my marathon but I'm just about ready to get started with my training.  Training for what you ask?  Well other than signing up for the Hyannis Half Marathon, I also finally joined the bandwagon and signed up for the National Half Marathon.
Jen, Becky and Lauren were the first to sign up and each encouraged me to sign up as well.  I knew doing a full wasn't in the cards for me (mostly because I think I'm done with fulls for awhile... I want to work on getting fast), but I was interested in the half.  And March can be a great time in DC so I figured why not!  I went to school in DC (with Theo) so I'm excited to get back there. 

The Hyannis and the National Half are about a month apart.  I do have goals for this race but a lot will depend on my training.  I do want to PR (beat 1:54) but more than that, I want to break 1:50.  The goals might be lofty considering I've run 9:15+ min/miles over the last year, but I am going to work hard to acheive these goals.

I have helped Theo with her training plan so I knew I had to get started on mine as well.  I'm keeping mine pretty loose. My plan is to run 3-4X a week, work in Physical Therapy, cross training and weight training.  Tuesday will be Speed on a treadmill, Thursday tempos and Saturdays long Run.  I am also going to participate in my companies Biggest Loser competition.  I don't weigh myself all that much but I know I've gained weight and come January, I'm really going to take my workouts up a notch.  And work on my eating habits.  Its no secret I have a cheese problem so I really need to limit the amount of cheese I buy each week.  No cheese in the house, no eating it!

So after eating and drinking way too much last night, I met up with my friend Stephanie just outside of Boston for a long run in the mid afternoon.  Stephanie is training for her first marathon.  She is running Boston in honor of her father for Dana Farber.  I wanted to show her the hardest part of the marathon course so we ran down Beacon into Newton and up all the Boston hills on Comm. Ave.  It was really hilly but a great run.  I gotta say I love running in 30 degree weather... much better than 80 degrees!
10.53 Miles/ 1:39:11/9:25 pace
Mile 1 : 8: 56
Mile 2: 9:22
Mile 3: 9:25
Mile 4: 9:25
Mile 5: 9:16
Mile 6: 9:27
Mile 7: 9:31
Mile 8: 9:45 (heartbreak)
Mile 9: 9:32
Mile 10: 9:32
Mile .50-9:28
Pretty consistent, eh? Longest run since my marathon on November 7th.  Happy Christmas week!


  1. Wow, 10 mile run is impressive! I'm still nursing my darn knee/IT band. Congrats on signing up for the National half - seems like so many people are doing it. I'm tempted to sign up and just do it on little training!

  2. Lots of bloggers have signed up for the National - sounds like so much fun! I've never even been to DC.
    Nice splits on your long run - gotta love heartbreak hill ;) I bet if you do some quality speed workout you will be set to break 1:50.

  3. I like your loose approach to training. I think it really prevents over-training and obsessing over every mile. I am super excited for March and will definitely be looking for a running buddy this winter...but those Boston hills sound scary!

  4. Thanks for designing my program! :) And great run. That silly race today was my longest run since my marathon!

  5. Wow, your friend is Dana Farber's daughter? Congrats to her on the marathon training and you on joining the bandwagon! I'll be there too! I feel like it will be a huge party Saturday night afterwards. I'm so excited it's on a Saturday. Would you be interested in helping me with a training plan as well? I want to do 2:10 which means shaving 7 mins off!

  6. It really seems like every blog I read, the blogger is running that race! I really wish that I was too since my parents live in the DC area but I signed up for another half the weekend before. I'm not hardcore enough to do two in a week! Looking forward to reading about your training. I just discovered your blog recently and I'm not sure if I've commented before.

  7. So what school did you go to in DC???

    And seriously, i have a major cheese problem as well. Probably my worst problem on a regular basis.

  8. The National is going to be a blogger fiesta! Have fun and good luck with your training.

  9. @Ashley.... no, she is running for Dana Farber (the organization) in honor of her father.... and I can totally help you with a training plan! Email me!

  10. Congrats on the long run! :) I think your approach to training for the half sounds great. Especially since you never know what kind of weather you're going to face during winter training! Flexibility is key.

    I'm excited that you will be doing the half. I'd love to meet up sometime this winter for a run! And at the very least, I'll see you in Hyannis (as long as they're still open when I finally sign up after the new year, haha)

  11. Just found your blog!! It is right up my alley talking about running and your fabulous recipes!! Can't wait to read!!

  12. I'm so impressed that you can just pick up and run 10 miles. I guess it hasn't been that long since the marathon... I'm trying to remember how long it took me to totally lose my stamina (yeah, SO not ready for long runs right now!). Although I have started running again a bit - just intervals on the treadmill and I love it.
    Congrats on signing up for races and I'm glad they're halves. They're still long enough that you need to train but not so long that you keep getting sick. Good luck!!

  13. Hey!! I am from Omaha!! My 'rents still live there so it is home for me. Do you ever go visit? I recommend June during the College World Series! Fun times!!

  14. Hey!! I am from Omaha!! My 'rents still live there so it is home for me. Do you ever go visit? I recommend June during the College World Series! Fun times!!

  15. Lizzy, this is where you and I differ! I think definitely prefer to run in hot weather (though, it is a bit of an adjustment), the cold weather just kills me! However, I am thinking about doing the Hyannis Half! I know the race is almost full, so I need to make the decision soon! Good work and have an awesome Christmas with Dave :)

  16. Yay, so excited for National! I bet you can PR, and maybe even break 1:50. We have no idea what our bodies are capable of until we push them.

    And great job on the long run :)