Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Speed Tuesday - Mile Repeats!

I could not wait to get on the treadmill after being locked in my house for two days due to the snow.  And in those two days, I not only never changed out of my PJs but I also never put in my contacts.  In addition, I ate so much food I was in desparate need for a good workout.  On the agenda was Mile Repeats! I get my workouts from a local running club in which several members are training for Boston!

Scheduled Workout: 3-4 Mile Repeats with .25 or 400 meter rest starting at 8 min and going down to 7:30 minute miles.  

Actual Workout: 1 Mile Warmup at 6.0mph, 1.0 incline, 3X1 Mile (8:07, 7:57. 7:51) with 400 walk jog rest, 1.50 mile cooldown, 6 miles 60 minutes
As I mentioned in my last speed post, I calculate distance on the treadmill and time on my handy sports watch.  I got this beautiful blue watch at Target for $10.

So the paces I set for myself were a little ambitious.  I decided to push myself on this workout but not kill myself.  First mile I ran most at 7.2mph and then I went up a bit.  Ended up finishing in 8:07.
(I decided to take pics of my watch with my phone on the treadmill instead of jotting down my times...I swear no one could tell I was taking pictures so I didn't look that crazy...)
 Then I took 400 rest, I walked for the first 200 and jogged at 5.0mph the last 200 and then started Mile 2. I started at 7.3mph and went all the way up to 7.8mph.  Ended up finishing this mile at 7:57.
 I knew after this mile that there was no way I was going to be able to
a) run a 4th mile and
b) run a 7:30
So I just continued to plug along and I did my 3rd mile at 7:51. 
After that last mile, I jogged a mile and a quarter very slowly until I reached 6 miles.
This was a tough workout.  I hope in the weeks to come I can run closer to 7:30 by the end but for now, this kicked my but! Mile repeats were never my favorite in college and they still aren't my favorite, but I know it will help me reach my goals!

If you are training, what's your favorite speed workout? Mine is ladder workouts with mixes of 400s, 600s and 800s...


  1. Well let's see here:

    Did 12x400 last week and almost threw up.
    Did 6x800 today and felt great.

    Let's go with 6x800, but I will say that the 12x400 made me faster and confident to handle the 6x800.

  2. Ooooh, I need to try this! Thanks for posting :)

  3. Great workout! I did something similar yesterday...I love track workouts but I can't pick just one favorite. I do like 400s...

  4. Your workout would totally kick my butt. I was happy to run 8:45's for 4 miles this morning!

  5. Wow! That's a tough workout. You're a speed demon!

  6. I love and hate relationship with mile repeats! Love the variation, but hate the puke feeling from pushing yourself!

    Great job on yours!!!!

  7. Great job Lizzy! I used to do mile repeats all the time when I was "training". This post kind of makes me want to do them for fun again. They're so hard but you feel so amazing afterwards!

  8. Awesome run!! Mile repeats are incredibly tough! I've actually been avoiding them for some time now (oops) because I hate them so much. I'm totally impressed by how well you did. I bet that if you stick with it, you'll be able to work up to faster mile times and an extra mile in no time.

    My favorite workout is either a fartlek run or a ladder workout -- neither of which is on the track or treadmill. :)

  9. Girl, you are so inspirational!! I wish I could run as much as you do! You rock!

    Happy Wednesday Darling! xo

    I'm doing a perfume giveaway right now if you're interested!

  10. You're awesome. This is seriously speedy. PS - I don't know how you do this whole stop and go and write things down (or take a picture). Good job! :)
    PS - did you have the chance to enter my giveaway?

  11. nice speed workout!! I am inspired to do more mile repeats. Because let's be honest, I'm not sure I've done more than a few of those workouts! I like tempo runs, but I definitely need to mix it up a bit :)

  12. I'm finally adding speed workouts to my next cycle of training. Thanks for sharing yours- will definitely be helpful/inspirational!

  13. Oh Lord! This workout busted my butt! I gave it a try, but it was super hard. I am still pretty new to speed work and I think I made a mistake in not slowing down enough during the recovery phases. I warmed up @ 6.2 for one mile and did the recovery at 6.2, too. I got through one repeat at 7.4, one at 7.6, and 800m at 7.8 before calling it a day. I finished up at 6.2 until I hit six miles.

    I'm determined to conquer this. Keep these workouts coming!