Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Chrismakkah + New Running Club

Yesterday, my alarm went off and I got ready to meet a new running club.  I've actually been getting this running clubs emails for over a year, but have yet to shown up.  Mainly because I was scared.  Most of the team has qualified for Boston and since I'm no where close to that I had never gone.  But I got an email about an easy 10 mile run perfect for new members to try out with 2 drop offs to cut the run short.  My friend Nancy picked me up around 7 and we headed to the start of the Boston marathon where the group meets. Pretty quickly we were off and wow, this group is no joke.  Half of them started running at 7:30 pace and I was just trying to hold on and meet new people.  I was definitely toward the back of the group. Our first mile was 8:32.  I was running along, chatting with people and then I tripped on the only (big) rock on the street.  Twisted my ankle and went down, hard.  I was embarrassed so I tried to just brush it off and get back moving.  But lets just say it wasn't easy.  When some members of the lead group took a right to cut short at 6, I followed with Nancy.  My goal was to run 8-10 but in my conditions, I knew that wasn't possible.
6 Miles/54:17/9:02 pace
Mile 1: 8:33
Mile 2: 9:08
Mile 3: 8:24
Mile 4: 9:13
Mile 5: 9:09
Mile 6: 9:54
Why was Mile 6 so slow you may ask? Well the whole last mile was running up the first mile of the Boston Marathon.  Corey just wrote how the first mile drops 150 feet and we were running up it.  It was rough!
As soon as I finished, we walked back to Nancy's car and I was limping. Bad. And then I took my glove off and realized I had a huge cut on my hand. Then I looked down at my knee and my new tights had a hole and I had a huge cut on my knee.  So yea I'm a klutz.  My ankle is huge.  It hurts to walk.  Want to see?
 Yep, huge.  Hopefully its nothing more serious than a light ankle sprain.  But back to Physical Therapy in the morning!  On a positive note, I do want to go again to this running group once I figure out what I'm training for.  Maybe they will help me get faster?

Alright moving on to something actually fun to look at- Our Chrismukkah Tree. Our family celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas.  I am Jewish and Dave is Protestant.  Which makes him half-Jewish and me? A Jew who also gets to have a Christmas Tree : )
First, we put together the tree.  Well, Dave did.  We have a fake tree that we took down from the attic.  Dave grew up with fake trees and I never had a tree so this works for us.
 Then we got decorating.  Including our favorite ornaments:
Dave's hammer ornament, my love to cook, wally and our first ornament we got as husband and wife.
 And don't forget our Celtic ornament (we have four!)

 And done! It's beautiful!
And don't forget the menorah!  I'd show you it lit, but our candles melted in the attic so we have to buy more.  (Yea, I know Haunkkah started on Thursday, I'm a few days late!)

And the last thing I want to show you is the Chrismakkah cards we ordered.  I found this site a few years ago when googling Chrismakkah.  I love them!

Super fun right?  Check out the website for all their Chrismakkah creations!


  1. Happy Chrismakkah! The more holiday spirit, the better - love the cards!

    Running with a club sounds like so much fun. I wish we had run clubs around me, especially if they are a little fast. Hope your ankle heals up quickly!

  2. Oo goodness! I am sure your ankle will be fine. It is swollen but i think it is not the end of the world and will heal quickly. I want to come to the running group sometime:) but you are braver than me. I ran inside on Saturday morning, is it spring yet?

  3. I hope your ankle is okay. The run club sounds like no joke. Do you think you'll stick with them?

    I love the tree and your cute tradition :)

  4. your poor ankle! hope the swelling is down. the tree looks great and the menorah sans candles does too!

  5. Awww I hope your ankle gets better soon!! Your tree is awesome with all those personal ornaments!

  6. Oh my gosh--it's so swollen!! That darn first mile! I hope you are icing it a lot and it gets better fast. You are so hardcore for running with that group -- I think I'd be intimidated :)

  7. Wow! Look at that ankle. Hope it heals up quickly.

    Happy Chrismakkah.

  8. Oh gosh - the same thing happened to me in July! It was so swollen - but I was better in a week. Hope you are feeling better today!

    And yay for a running group - you'll definitely get faster if you run with them, I think! :)

  9. I am so sorry you got hurt :( I am clumsy too. But good for you for trying out a new running group. They always make me nervous, too.

    Happy Chrimakkuh! I love those cards!

  10. ouch :-(

    the decorations look great!

  11. happy/merry chismakkah to you! I hope there were latkes involved with that tree decorating ;)

    Thanks for sharing that site, it's so cute. I am passing it on to some of my "half and half" friends!

  12. Hope your ankle gets better soon! Love the Chrismukkah site, also passing it on to my jewish friends with christmas trees :)

  13. NO!!!! I am so so sorry about the fall, that made me so sad. Good for you to go out and join the group and get back up and finish the wrong. Definitely get some rest. That is such a bummer...stupid rocks. LOVE the TREE!! Best ornaments ever.

  14. Lizzzzzy, OW! You need to take a break and go to yoga for a bit! I'm going to force you to go with me sometime VERY soon! I LOVE the Christmukkah cards, please tell me I'm getting one!!! :) I hope all is well, let's plan a running date sometime soon,I'm going through withdrawl!!

  15. oh noooo! i have been known to take a spill while running too... it's the worst! hope you recover quickly!

  16. Oh no!! I'm so sorry about your fall and your ankle!! I really hope it heals quickly. I did something very similar last spring -- and then called the boyfriend in tears to have him come pick me up. (so I'm impressed you finished the run!)

    I love your Chrismakkah decorations. Everything looks so beautiful. :) Happy Chrismakkah!

  17. Oh my gosh your poor ankle! I love the Christmukkah tree.