Monday, March 21, 2011

Runner's High and Bagel Thins!

So I'm still on a Runner's High.  I'm sure some of you can relate.  I didn't expect to run 20 miles on Saturday and I certainly didn't expect it to go so well.  It makes me feel like maybe I can start focusing on a goal time for 4/18.  Maybe.  But I'm not quite there yet.

Sunday we woke up early to head to South Boston for the 5K.  I can't say enough about this race.  Aside from how hilly the course was, it was really well-organized and a ton of fun!
I was supposed to run but I decided it wasn't smart to race the day after a 20 miler.  So I spectated and gave my number to Kimmy. 
And run she did- she almost matched my PR. She ran 23:50/7:41 pace.  And the course was insanely hilly! My brother and Dave also ran so well.  My brother was the 5th finisher to cross the line and his time was one of his fastest since college at 17:49/5:45 pace.  To say he was excited was an understatement.

And a little later, Dave came through....
I somehow missed Kim!  After the race, we hung out for awhile until we got the results.
And Mikey got 3rd in his age-group.  
Don't worry, I kept the medal : )
After the race we had a fun day drinking and eating.  I was asleep by 4pm and woke up around 7:30pm and frantically made it to the grocery store before it closed. It was a busy and fun weekend.  And next weekend will be the same.  Cannot wait for DC and the National Half! My plan is to take it easy this week.  Physical Therapy today, Eliptical tomorrow and PT and a 4 mile run Wednesday.  Wednesday will be the only day I run before Saturday.  Then Saturday the goal is come as close as possible to breaking 1:50.  That's the goal.

Also last week, Laurie over at Marina Maher Communications sent me some Bagel Thins and a few other products to try out. Included in the package was Dr. Scholls Ultra Overnight Foot Cream and Ahava Muscle Soothing Bath Salts.  Both of those products are fabulous for me.  I suffer BADLY from runners feet.  They are scary, yet I will not paint my toes to cover them because I think deep down I am proud.  I hope this foot cream helps me out a bit!  And as most of you know, I love my baths.  No, not ice baths.  I did that in college track and I never want to do it again.  I'm talking relaxing hot baths where you can read a book and relax.  And if there is salts that soothe my muscles at the same time, I'm all for it! So thanks Laurie for sending it my way!
 And now on to the bagel thins.  I know some of you aren't a fan, but if you are a bagel lover like me, than you would love these.  Here is a fun fact about me.  Before I made my Baked Banana Oatmeal bars for the week, I used to eat a bagel with cream cheese everyday.  And it totally weighed me down. I love bagels but they are really heavy.  So I gave them up...for awhile.  I'm a "everything in moderation" type of gal so I never give anything up permanently.  Bagel Thins are absolutely perfect for me. 110 calories and I still get my bagel fix with half the calories and carbs.
 So if you are a bagel lover like me but also try to eat healthy, give these a shot!  They are so worth it!
Oh PS- Today is the first day of spring and its snowing here in Boston.  Gotta love New England!
What's your most memorable Runner's High?


  1. I just ate a Bagel Thin! Operation Carb-Loading is underway. I am still so proud of your strong 20 miler on Sunday. Even with short notice, you are going to be so ready for Boston. It's a testament to your strength and training as a runner. I'm sure you will own those DC streets on Saturday, too. It'll be great to run in your old stomping grounds :)

    Enjoy this easy week before the madness of the weekend begins!

  2. 1:50 was my goal until my body threw a rod. break it for me, will you???

  3. YAY!!! Thanks for the number LIZZZZY :) So good to see you this weekend and kick butt at the National Half!

    PS Some of my best runners highs have come from group HHCC runs w/ you and Kate! I absolutely live for that glad your 20 miler still has you on a high!

  4. runner's high after a good 20 miler is unbeatable! Gaaaaah I miss that! That race looks like so much fun - and very smart of you not to race, I think! My sister was in southie yesterday too partaking in some fun day-drinking and whatnot. I'm sad I missed out!

  5. My mom and I love those bagel thins! (The everything is our fav).

  6. I can't get behind bagel thins. The name alone irritates me.

    It looks like a fun day and a great race. Good luck preparing this week!

  7. Love your pictures!! So glad to hear your 20 miles went well!

    I keep hearing about thesebagel thins--if you like 'em, I'm in!

    I just painted my toes blue to hide my blackened toe nails!!

  8. Not much beats a runners high. :) I think my most memorable one is after NYC, I could NOT stop talking all day because I was just on cloud nine!

    I love bagel thins - and I feel the same way about regular bagels. I used to eat them everyday when I lived in NYC, now I let myself have one a week!

    Grrr, runners feet! Why can't runners have super feet for everything we put them through?!

  9. Most memorable is probably after Smuttynose Marathon when I PR'd and was 20 seconds from qualifying for NYC! I was so pumped.

    I need to try these bagel thins!!!

  10. Glad you're still feeling good after your 20-miler. That's a great sign!!

    The race sounds like so much fun! I'm sorry you didn't get to run, but sometimes spectating can be just as exciting (you get to take part in the race without feeling like's a good deal once in awhile, haha). Congrats to your brother and Dave!! Your brother is one speedy runner.

  11. Yayyy for runner's high!! So happy for you - that 20 miler is a huge confidence booster / testament to your training! Also so excited to see how you all do at National - I think sub-1:50 is totally going to happen.
    That race looks so fun - I really enjoy watching races! Especially 5k' least favorite distance, haha. I would rather watch other people sprint :)
    Hope you have a great week, Lizzy!! Definitely smart to rest up before this weekend. (Maybe you can pack me in your suitcase??)

  12. Great pictures! You and your crew look so festive! :) I am loving those bagel thins! So good with peanut butter!!!

    Nice job on the 20 too!

  13. I love this post! So true about the runner's high lasting for days on end. Those endorphins are the best kind. :P

    Definitely good call not to race on Sunday after the 20 miler. You've got to preserve those rock star legs!

  14. Wow your brother is fast!! Looks like it was a fun day :) I think this was teh first year I didn't go to Southie for St Patty's day. I'm also super jealous of your afternoon nap ;)

    I can't even imagine a full ice bath; I put my feet in an ice/water bucket this weekend and that was bad enough!!

    Such a fun package of products to try out!! I like sandwich thins, but actually wasn't a big fan of bagel thins...I wish they were mroe chewy like bagels. I prefer mini bagels to bagel things.

    p.s. the view from your office is awesome!

  15. Nothing beats runner's high! I ran the BGCB race on Sunday too-- it is so much fun/so well organized. Congrats on killing that 20 miler, and to your brother for his awesome finish.

  16. I love the everything bagel thins, but I don't think they taste exactly like a real bagel...more like a combo of bread and a bagel.

  17. Hi Lizzy!
    I'm a Boston distance runner, too! I just came across your blog and I love it - thanks for sharing all this.

    My most recent runner's high was at my most recent race (Salem Black Cat 20 miler). I just really don't remember a lot of it - just kept on going! It was like a great training run, but better. :)