Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Runday!

(I stole that title from Becky, I like it!)

I have a secret.  On April 18th, I'm going to run a pretty important race.  I'm not going to go into details on how I got a number, but I got one.  So that leaves me with 5 weeks to get marathon ready.

I ran 16.04 miles today.  I ran 4 by myself around my neighborhood and when I got back, Becky was waiting for me.  With a small break to grab my water bottle, we were off for 12 more miles.
While running the 4, I felt tired and sort of defeated.  And I thought of a chat I had with Kimmy last week. We actually had our first "fight" on Gchat.  After finding out about getting a number, I then went on the search for a running partner.  What can I say, I prefer to run with people and running 26.2 miles by myself doesn't really appeal to me.  If there is someone out there around my pace, I hope to run together for some of the miles.  Anyway, Kim had asked me something along the lines of "do you ever run races by yourself?" (and then I totally overreacted and got all offended by that question, sorry Swimmy)! And yes, I do, but I prefer not to.  But thats just me.  Running alone is fine and I can push myself, but my mind often gets negative and I get defeated.  Running with a partner keeps me motivated, keeps me entertained and well, it's more fun.  I will wake up at 4am to run with Nancy before work, I will travel far to run with a friend.. I'll drag my husband with me or make my brother run at my pace. I pretty much do whatever it takes to run with someone else and to make this highly individual sport, a team activity : )
So today was no exception.  I met up with Becky at the perfect time and together we ran 12 miles together. We ran through where I live now and my hometown and we talked each others faces off.  I'm not going to say it was easy.  I definitely started struggling around mile 10 and again around 14, but we made it through and Becky totally encouraged me the entire time.  This is the longest run I've done since November 7th (NY Marathon) and it feels good to get a 16 under my belt.
Ran 16.04 Miles/ 2:31:51/ 9:28 pace
Miles 1-4 Alone
Mile 1: 8:47
Mile 2: 9:28 (uphill)
Mile 3: 9:18
Mile 4: 9:15
Miles 5-16 with Becky!
Mile 5: 9:12
Mile 6: 9:10
Mile 7: 9:14
Mile 8: 9:17
Mile 9: 9:41
Mile 10: 10:15 
(we stopped here to eat some food, didn't stop watch)
Mile 11: 9:22
Mile 12: 9:31
Mile 13: 9:32
Mile 14: 10:07 
(holllyyy wind, stop light and I'm struggling)
Mile 15: 9:41
Mile 16: 9:31

My aggressive plan for the next few weeks is this:
3/13: 16 miles
3/19: 18 miles
3/26: National Half 13.1 + running some miles at the end of Becky's marathon
4/2: 20 miles
4/9: 10 miles
4/18: RACE

So that's my plan.  I have this opportunity and I want to attempt to run it because I may never get this chance again. My physical therapist thinks I can do this and although he wouldn't suggest this schedule for everyone, he thinks I can do it.  My brother isn't quite as supportive.  Mainly because we've watched this race together pretty much my entire life.  I grew up on the course and it's one of my favorite days of the year. Wish me luck!

Weekly Recap of Workouts:
Monday 3/7: 
Day Off
Tuesday 3/8:
4 Miles Easy, 36:16
Wednesday 3/9: 
Physical Therapy
Thursday 3/10:
4 Miles Easy 35:07
Friday 3/11: 
Physical Therapy
Saturday 3/12:
Day Off
Sunday 3/13:
16.04 Miles with Becky, 9:28 pace
Total: 3 days running, 24.04 miles, 2 days cross train, 2 day lifting, 2 Days PT, 2 Days off


  1. You can do it, Lizzy! After running with you today, I know you have 26.2 in you. I am really excited to be there on Marathon Monday. Many of us dream of the chance to run on that crazy course. Enjoy the excitement of training and running that race!

    PS - You're an epic running buddy ;)

  2. I like it when people go to races with me, but I like to run at my own pace during the actual race.

  3. You're running Boston?!! Wow - 2 huge marathons in 6 months - good for you! You can do it - I am sure the emotion of the race will push you through it.

    I've actually only ever run by myself - so I guess I wouldn't know about running with others. :)

  4. awesome job scoring a number for the 18th! you can do the 26.2 :) keep up the amazing work.

  5. I think it's so interesting how some people thrive on running with others, while some really prefer running alone. I honestly think I am more of an along runner, but I definitely enjoy running with people here and there. I think running has always been my "me time" to just totally zone out and be in my own head. But at the same time, some of my best runs and races have been with people!
    SO. FREAKING. EXCITING that you got a number!!! We need to discuss :) I hope you are psyched!!

  6. You got a number! great news. I always enjoy hearing your take on running :) to each his own you know?!

  7. Bahhhh! Ok, to clarify I LOVE running with other people and I do it all the time! In fact the whole discussion started because I had already made plans to jump in and help out another buddy :)

    I am SOOOO excited for you to be running, you are finally getting your wish!! I know you will do a great job and I will be out there cheering for you!

  8. YAY!!!! That's so exciting you are going to be running on that April Monday. You can totally do it!

  9. That's awesome and I love how into the aggressive training schedule you are. I'm more of a solo runner, for sure. But I can definitely see the importance of having a buddy.


    You can totally do this, you know what it takes! I was wondering why you were running so many miles lately....

    I am a solo runner as well, but am not against company!

  11. Thats AWESOME!!!! So happy for you! You'll do great :) I also find that I like running with someone, but I'm always hesitant to run with new people for fear I might hold them back or vise-versa! But I totally agree its more fun and helps push you..although I'm still at a point where I can't talk all that much while I run so its more of a silent running buddy haha!

    Hope I can take work off and cheer you on that day!!

  12. the awesomest of sauces!! hooooorray!

  13. I think I saw on twitter you were running 16 and I wondered what that was about. That is so awesome/exciting! If you want to run any extra miles after the National half, let me know.

  14. Just found your blog and i think it's GREAT! And that is soooo sweet you get to run Boston! Good luck!

  15. I love having training buddies, but running races solo, so that I know that whatever time I got is mine and mine alone.

  16. Yeah!! Great minds think alike!! Running buddies are my preference 90% of the time! In my only marathon, I ran it with a friend too.

    How did you swoop a number for Boston?!! :) That's great!! PUMPED for you Lizzy!

  17. Oo - congrats! I'm sure you'll do fine! My preference is to run by myself. That way I can go at my own pace and it's not like I can talk anyway while I'm running. For races, I like the people cheering you on, but even then I like running on my own too. Oh, and I do best running listening to my iPod.

  18. Great 16 miler!
    I love my running buddies. It makes everything so much more fun!

    Hopefully I'll see you at the Boston Marathon!!! :)

  19. Always prefer a buddy!!!

  20. I may join you on the 16th unless you need to be running the marathon to come ;)
    I loooooooove running with friends. It's been a really long time though!