Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SPEED/Confessions/ABC's & WINNERS!

You've been warned, this is a long post broken up into four sections...have fun!
Speed Workout:
As you know, I ran a half marathon on Sunday. I didn't think it was THAT hilly, but my quads and hamstrings beg to differ.  I was sore for TWO days!  I felt like I had run a marathon.  I did light cardio on Monday (25 min on the eliptical and stretching) and nothing yesterday.  This morning I was READY.  I had an awesomely challenging workout awaiting me on the treadmill that I had gotten from my local running club.  It was long intervals, something I think I need if I'm going to get faster for a half marathon.
Planned workout:  
1 mile warmup, 3 x (2x1200m) (2:00 RI), (4:00 RI between sets) starting around 8 min pace, going down to 7:20 pace, 1 mile cooldown
Actual Workout:
1 mile warmup  
First Set: 1200 (.75) at 5:54 (7.5mph - 8:00 min pace)
2 min rest
1200 at 5:51 (7.5-7.6mph 8-7:53 min pace)
4 min rest
Second Set
1200 (.75) at 5:44 (7.7-7.8mph)
2 min rest
1200 at 5:38 (7.8-7.9mph)
4 min rest
Third Set
1200 (.75) at 5:32 (7.9-8.0mph)
2 min rest
1200 at 5:26 (8.0-8.2mph)
1 mile cooldown
7 miles 65:46
This was an awesome workout.  Very challenging running hard for three laps (1200).  I really enjoyed it though!  Next week, in preparation for my 5Ks, I will do faster intervals- maybe 400s and 600s!       
Now on to some Confessions.  I had a couple on my mind lately and thought I could combine this post with those ABC's that have been circulating. Ashley just posted her confessions today so it reminded me to post mine as well : )
1. I don't have great knife skills.  More specifically, I'm pretty terrible at slicing onions.
2. I never wash my quinoa before I cook it.
3. On that note, I barely wash fruit or vegetables.  (Hey, I'm not sick yet)
4. And on that note, I always forget to take off the stickers on said fruit and vegetables. My hubby almost always gets the veggie/fruit with the sticker.  oops!
5. Each week, I go to a different grocery store.  I know this would annoy some people, but I love it.  I'm fortunate enough to live close to Market Basket, Shaw's, Stop N Shop, Whole Foods, Roche Bros. and Trader Joe's.  Oh and I always work grocery shopping into my weekend plans.  For example, this weekend I stopped at Whole Foods off 495 on my way home from the Cape.  I love going to different stores : )
6. I only shower at home like 1-2X a week.  My gym shower and I are best friends.
7. I never dry my hair. Never.  I air dry it and then straighten it half way through the day in my office. Or I leave it up all day.
8. I wear Britney Spears perfume (thanks debbie) and use spray deodorant.  I know this is probably weird, but I love both!
9. I'm REALLY good with numbers.  I memorize numbers pretty easily.  Like if I didn't have my cell phone I would still be able to call a good 20 people.  On that note, I'm actually pretty terrible at math.
10. And lastly, I love LOVE getting emails telling me I have a new comment- it makes my day!
Now on to my ABC's
A. Age: 28
B.  Bed Size: Queen and a Bob-a-pedic AKA the best bed EVER.  I melt into it.
C.  Chore you hate: Most cleaning tasks but specifically putting AWAY laundry (don't mind doing it or folding it though).
D.  Dogs: Should I admit this?  I don't really like dogs.  I'm actually scared of most!
E.  Essential start to your day: Coffee with Coffeemate creamer is the constant.  I also love starting my day working out, especially running.  When I work out in the morning, I have more energy and I'm more positive for the rest of the day.
F.  Favorite color: Hmm.. black?  I wear black the most but I do love some color.  Pinks, blues, greens
G.  Gold or silver: Silver but the only jewelry I wear religiously are my wedding rings.
H. Height: I am technically 5'2 and 1/2.  But I say 5'3.  I have really long legs and a short upper body so most people think I'm taller. I'm not.  I'm a midgey.
I. Instruments you play: NADA
J. Job title: Editor, Broadcast Production.  (I edit video, not books : )
K.  Kids: None yet!
L.  Live: west of the city, outside of Boston.
M. Mom’s name: Ronee (it was a midwest name I guess)
N.  Nicknames: Lizzy! or Suga.  My brother likes to call me stumps since my running pace is significantly slower than his (haha)
O.  Overnight hospital stays: Let's see... I tore my ACL 6 years ago and had reconstructive cadaver patella tendon surgery.  We also visited the hospital after my bachelorette party when one of my friends fell over a ledge off my driveway (she was okay, but broke her collarbone).
P.  Pet peeve: Passive Aggressive people is my number 1.  I've mentioned that before.  Something that annoys me on a daily basis are the people on the commuter rail who want to get up and stand in the aisle long before we get to the station (drives me CRAZY!)
Q.  Quote from a movie: "Dishes are done, MANNN" (Who knows this?!?)
R.  Right or left handed: Right. But I'm a lefty gymnast. (or should I say, WAS)
S.  Siblings: 2 now! I have an older brother named Mike and now a sister (his wife) named Natalia.  I love them both!
T.  Time you wake up: Alarm gets off at 5:30am.  I usually roll out of bed around 6 and leave the house at 6:10am to make the train. 
U.  Underwear: None of your businessssssss
V.  Vegetables you dislike: BEETS! They scare me.  Other than that, I pretty much LOVE all vegetables and food.  There's very little I won't eat.  Most notably: mayonnaise, olives and blue cheese.
W.  What makes you run late: Oversleeping or train delays. or running that extra mile at the gym.
X.  X-Rays you’ve had: Too many.
Y.  Yummy food you make: Check my Recipe Index, I cook all the time- I love it! 
Z. Zoo animal- Penguins
Giveaway Winners: 
Oh and now what you've all been waiting for!!! Thanks for entering my giveaway!   The winner of the $50 gift card at CSN is... drum roll please....
(so fun since Daisy and I are friends in real life too! See proof)
Ahhh to be that tan again...
And the Winner of the Running Giveaway is......
Ladies, email me to claim your prize!
Tell me one of your confessions!


  1. Ha - I am terrible about workouts making me run late! To me, running extra always wins!

  2. Love it! Love the loaded post....I think I'm going to do ABCs next :)

  3. HAHAHA I NEVER wash my quinoa!! I just realized recently that you are supposed to do that, whoops! As you said, we're not sick yet, right?! What lucky girls who won your give away!! Good luck this weekend Lizzy! :)

  4. Yay!!! I am shooting you an email right now LizzY!

    I won't hold it against you that you don't like dogs--you haven't had the pleasure to meet my Cooper yet! :)

    I just did 1200's yesterday too--kicked my arse! Your training is looking fantastic!!

  5. I never wash fruit or veggies either. It drives my husband CRAZY.

  6. I wear Britney Spears too!!! I didn't know you're supposed to wash quinoa.

  7. Oh and the movie is Dont Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead.

  8. I have the same attitude, never wash my veggies because I have yet to get sick :)
    I live for grocery shopping, I go to certain places several times a week because they have that one "item" that no other store has. I actually get excited if I have to make a trip to Target.
    I love your blog! I am just about to start to add my name to your list of followers :)

  9. So many great things in this post! I think doing a speed workout 3 days after a race is impressive - usually I don't feel like doing any serious workouts until a week later. Repeats always leave me feeling accomplished after :)
    Oh my gosh, I very rarely wash my fruits and veggies too - I'm glad I'm not the only one!! Haha until I actually get sick from it or some other consequence, I'm not sure I ever will.
    Also, I would totally never blow dry my hair if I didn't need to walk outside in the winter. In the summer I rarely bother.
    Loved reading your confessions and ABCs!!

  10. Oh, you are going to have to come meet our dog. 100 pounds of love!

  11. I won!! I can't believe it, especially since I was comment #2! thats crazy. of all the CSN giveaways I have entered, this is the first. it's my lucky day! thanks lizzy.

  12. Ew to not washing your fruit/veggies! :) I think I need to try Quinoa. I have no idea what it is, but I've seen multiple people writing about it!

  13. Love this!

    I never wash quinoa or any grains for that matter...their going to get cooked in water so whats the point! :)
    I do wash veggies but mostly because I get freaked out thinking of other people at teh store touching them, not so much afraid of pesticides haha.

    I am the SAME way with grocery stores! I go to so many different ones and always loves hitting up a different Whole Foods!!

    Yes you have to meet my dog too, he's little and cuddly.

  14. SO FUNNY you have a Bob-o-Pedic! I have a Jordan's-o-pedic (basically the exact same thing) and am obsessed with it!

  15. Hahah! Putting AWAY laundry is definitely my most hated chore. And one of my favorite quotes as well from don't tell mom the babysitter's dead!

  16. 1). "Dishes are done, MAN!" - don't tell mom the babysitter's dead! best movie everrrrrrrr. "right on top of that, Rose" is something I say often :)

    2) i never wash my quinoa either. I knew I wasn't the only one. thank you!

  17. I won't eat blue cheese, mayo, or olives and I've never washed quinoa. You are not alone! Great workout this morning. I have gotten lazy about speed work. I need to get back into the habit.

  18. We have a lot in common, even though I'm much taller! We both hate blue cheese, putting away laundry, don't wash fruit sometimes and air dry our hair.

  19. "Don't tell mom the babysitter's dead"! I love that movie. Congrats on your race. Miss you.

  20. I love seeing emails about comments too! I never dry my hair either, I'm lucky if it's brushed :)

  21. I love Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead!! And penguins are a fave of mine, too.

    Jess is on a ROLL I say...I think she's won a few giveaways recently. :)

  22. That workout sounds amazing! I think the hardest part for me would be the 1 mile cooldown. Once i'm done with intervals, I'm DONE.
    PS - I rarely shower at home too; I have all my favorite products at the gym since I'm there more often :)

  23. You're supposed to wash quinoa?! :) I don't. I don't wash apples and things most of the time either, though I do occasionally think about what could be on them! This is a fun post, and talking with you tonight definitely made me want to do more speed training when I am feeling better!

  24. So many things to comment on in this post I don't know where to start!! haha I guess I can say right off the bat that I'm bummed about not winning that giveaway. Not gonna lie ;)

    And I was sore for 2 days too!! I couldn't believe it! It was just my quads that felt super torn up (which tells you right there that the course was not flat!). I finally ran on Wednesday and things felt pretty good, but I was definitely surprised by how much it took out of me.

    I loved reading your confessions and your ABCs, but I'm very sad to hear that you don't like dogs. I know every dog person says, "well you'd like them if you met MY dog" and I'm sure that's super annoying so I won't say it (but I'm secretly thinking it, you know...haha). In all honesty, I hope the pup didn't bother you on Sunday. I only rarely wash my quinoa (have yet to find a rock or some other awful thing in it so I think I'm good) and never blow dry my hair. Takes way too much time.

  25. I just did my ABCs too ;)

    I hate drying my hair and rarely ever do it. Maybe like once-twice a month!

    I thought you were way taller! Oh and I HATE passive agressiveness. Don't know how I forgot to include that in my pet peeves!

  26. I don't wash fruit either, unless BF is around because he thinks it's gross I don't! I know you're supposed to wash quinoa, but I've cooked it both ways and I can hardly tell a difference in taste. Laziness wins!

  27. I am built the same way as you- long legs and a short torso!