Friday, May 21, 2010

Lunch time run with one of my faves!

It's always amazing when I can sneak away with @swimmykimy for a lunchtime run.  Kimmy posted her own blog entry about our typical run but I thought I'd copy her (and steal her photos too)! 

We run what it says on Mapquest as 4.3 miles, but whenever I've done this with my Garmin I know its closer to 3.5.  Anyway, its a beautiful run along Fanuel Hall, the North End, Charlestown, the Navy Yard and back towards work.

Here are some pics!  It starts down State Street.  We dodge people and cars on our way to the water.
Running through Christopher Columbus Park, I love the waterfront, 
to our right is Tia's, one of my fav summer time spots!
Running through North End and the Waterfront...
Seeing the Zakem from afar!
Running over the North Washington bridge into Charlestown.  
We usually haveto dodge people here.  We yell 'on your right', 
but no one seems to move.  
Quite fun!
example below.  People don't like to move for runners! But we are on the Freedom Trail!
And here we are in Charlestown! Running around the Navy Yard!
with beautiful views of Boston!
Running over a dock...
and by a small dog park...
And pretty soon we are back to the bridge again!
Once we are here, you can see the Garden where my beloved Celts 
are going to take down the Magic tomorrow.  No magic for you! 
If you zoom in you can see the ads for the playoffs!
Kimmy and I usually take down some tourists here... 
too narrow for runners and walkers.  I actually usually 
jump in the street and Kimmy gets scared for my life. hehehe
And then we run by the North End.  The North End in 
Boston is amazing but in daylight you don't get to see 
the full amazingness!  Hi Daisy! Hi Courtney!

The Greenway and the financial district And you can see our building!
Crossing the street towards Fanueil!
The Old State House
And here we are! Refreshed and ready for the 
rest of the day (after a shower of course!)
I wish I got to leave the office more often for this run, 
its so nice and so beautiful.  Before I met Kimmy, 
I never ran over to Charlestown.  Thanks Kimmy 
for introducing me to such an amazing route and 
thanks for being my running partner!!!


  1. Wow looks like a great mid-day run! Lots to keep you distracted!

  2. Hi back at ya. You are so cute!! I love your running route, pictures, and the fact that you bust out 4 miles at lunch. My fave pic is the last one of your building. magnificent!

  3. Great looking run and I love your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine!!! I was just down at Tia's by the waterfront this Saturday, what a gorgeous part of our city!

  4. aw thanks for taking us on your run! i'm totally out of breath ;)

  5. Wooo! Love this run! :)